“Driving an auto rickshaw was really fun for me,” Arjun Bijlani

For an upcoming sequence in the show, Arjun has learnt how to drive an auto-rickshaw.

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Arjun Bijani

Zee TV’s fiction show - Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya ShivShakti, which explores the healing power of love in a contemporary take on the Shiv-Shakti dynamic, has been the talk of the telly-town since its first episode. Produced by Studio LSD Productions, the chemistry between Arjun Bijlani as Shiv and Nikki Sharma as Shakti has kept the audiences glued to their screens and is being loved by one and all!

In the fast-paced world of Indian television, actors often push the boundaries of their abilities to entertain the viewers of the show. One such versatile actor is Arjun Bijlani, who has been consistently surprising his viewers by immersing himself in his role, striving to make his performances as authentic as possible. From working out on set to executing intense action sequences, Arjun has truly gone all out to impress one and all. For an upcoming sequence in the show, Arjun has learnt how to drive an auto-rickshaw, yes, you heard that right!

Arjun said, "Driving an auto rickshaw was really fun for me. While I'm familiar with driving cars and bikes, handling an auto rickshaw was a new and exciting challenge for me. It just took me 5 minutes to learn the auto and complete the scene in two takes, but the authenticity it brings to the storyline is truly worth it. I wanted to ensure that every aspect of the scene felt genuine and believable. I wanted viewers to truly believe in Shiv's efforts to save Shakti from the upcoming wedding sequence, and driving the auto-rickshaw myself was a way to make that happen."

While Arjun Bijlani's dedication to his craft is evident, as he steps into the shoes of his character with unparalleled determination, taking Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya ShivShakti to new heights of excitement and realism. It will be interesting for the viewers to watch if Shiv will be able to reach the wedding venue in time to stop Shakti from getting married to Ranjan. Will he be able to prove that Ranjan already has a wife and a son? What will Mandira do now? How will she keep Shiv and Shakti away from each other for good?

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