There’s something I learn from Shakti everyday”, says Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya ShivShakti’s Nikki Sharma

Nikki Sharma from Shiv Shakti speaks about her character in the show.

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Nikki Sharma

Zee TV’s Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya ShivShakti has kept TV audiences glued to their screens with interesting twists and turns. In the recent episodes, viewers saw how after Shiv-Shakti’s wedding, Shakti is shocked to find out about Shiv’s past, but on a closer inspection of the issue realised that she was manipulated by Mandira and decides to fight for her marriage and win Shiv all over again.

While the whole wedding sequence of the show took viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, actress Nikki Sharma who plays the role of Shakti revealed that she learns a lot from her character. The current track explores Shakti pulling out all the stops and going after her dreams …be it pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor or navigating the obstacles strewn in her path by Mandira and winning back the trust of her disgruntled husband, Shakti is now determined to take charge of her own destiny. 

Nikki said, “Portraying a strong character like Shakti is inspiring; I get to learn so much from her. Be it her ability to stand up for the truth or her unwavering dedication towards making her marriage work, Shakti teaches me life lessons every day. I feel very grateful to have this opportunity to play such a role and I hope she sets an example for the audience to follow in their personal lives.”

While Shakti is fighting for her rights, Nikki is happy to play a strong character like Shakti. In the upcoming episodes, Shakti will uncover the real motives of some of Shiv's family members. What will Shiv do in response? 

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