Dr. Rahul back in Dill Mill Gayye..

Mayank Anand returns to Dill Mill Gayye on popular demand...

Finally, the loyal viewers of Star One's Dill Mill Gayye can breathe easy as Dr. Rahul aka Mayank Anand is back to the show due to popular demand!!

"Yes, I am back as the audience demanded my return. It feels good to get back to the DMG family again", quips Mayank to Telly Buzz.

Dr. Rahul will arrive on the scene during the Valentines bash. However, when asked the actor about his entry, he states, "I am not allowed to divulge information on how my entry takes place. All I can say is that it is going to be very exciting and nice".

During his break, Mayank was busy completing the story for his book. "I have finished writing my book. Though I can't reveal much about the content as of now, I can say that the story focuses on the other woman in the life of a man. I am now searching for a good publisher", he states.

"Alongside, I was working on my painting too. So overall, this break has done me good and I have utilized it to the fullest. The reason I decided to opt out of the show was to give myself some time. Now that things are done, I am back to work", chides the actor.

There was a huge bash on sets when Mayank got back. "My co-stars knew that I am coming back. On the first day of my shoot, it was like a reunion as we had a total blast. With me coming back, the team is again complete now", he concludes.

Well, happy days are back again in the DMG family!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Mayank Anand

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I was soooooooooooooo happyyyyyy the day he returned.

14 years ago

it was such a good thing when u returned but then u were gone again :(

14 years ago

OMG!! Guys 1095 comments! Are you people trying to make a record or sumthing? lol
@tashu: I got to agree with that one, everyone knows why kasu have become favorites of some people, its coz of a romantic scene after every five mins!! But still i see no chemistry between them!

15 years ago

I just don''t understand that why can''t these stupid creatives understand one thing. Are they REALLY so dumb headed that they can''t get one thing straight in their head. Its SHILPA which the show needs. Not the idiotic stuff they show. BUT I know, there''s no point banging your head whith the wall coz they are stubborn, arrogant, thick headed ******** which will not understand how much you try to make them understand.

15 years ago

the reason why this has so many comments in nnothing to do with the article its just comments about things nothing to do with rahul!!
lamo people are having conversations on here to each other!!

15 years ago

are you spamming b/c you''re trying to push back a comment you dont want ppl to see ???

btw Mayank Anand is soooo fit!!!

15 years ago

that''s fab!!!!!
gr8 news mayank''s back!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

omg if shilpa came back ppl will go crazy...if will definitely crash will all of the posts!!

15 years ago

Yesh!! Yesh!! WoHoOoOo...Hip Hip Hooray!!
Cant wait 4 Rahul''s entry!! Thankk youu 4 cumin bak!! We missed you!!

15 years ago

finally..i m always ready for him n muskaan''s chemistry

15 years ago

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