Dr. Dwivedi's Suhaag ke Nupur put on hold

Dr. Chandrprakash Dwivedi's next on Star Plus titled Suhaag Ke Nupur put on hold...

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Dr. Chandrprakash Dwivedi's much-awaited and ambitious project on the 1,500 year old Tamil epic Silappadikaram which was to be made for Star Plus has been put on an indefinite hold now!

The show  basically  portrays the tussle of a trader between his dutiful wife and his courtesan love. It was titled Suhaag Ke Nupur.

A little birdie tells us, "The show of Dr. Dwivedi has been in the making for more than a year now. Initially there was an extensive search made to find the girl to play the courtesan who had to have great dancing skills. Once the cast was locked, a pilot was shot and was approved by the channel. Some big names like Tom Alter, K.K. Raina were to play vital roles in the show. Both the lead girls were fresh faces, and Gagan Malik was to play the male lead.The show was getting postponed for one reason or the other, and the channel has ultimately taken the decision to scrap the project".

We contacted Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi's wife, Mandira Dwivedi and she confirmed the news saying,"That's right,the show has been put on a hold".

Dr. Dwivedi, we hear, is presently working on a mega budget movie with Sunny Deol.

We just hope we do see the great epic being made into a TV show sooner or later...

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (10)

SP release Vaidehi soon...people are waiting for it , and as for this show Chandrprakash Diwedi's work is always good!

12 years ago

can SP even make good shows? All they have is some Crap Stuffs on

12 years ago

I just read the story of Silappadikaram.. such an awesome epic.. SP wudnt have been able to do justice to it..

12 years ago

Its with SP then thank god but still want to see chandraprakash dwivedi's work as i liked his chankya very much

12 years ago

Omg..Silappadikaram? Thank God the project got scrapped... SP would have killed the essence of the epic for trp's.

12 years ago

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14 years ago

waiting to see them 2geda on screen .. They would make a cute couple

14 years ago

I wish Ken would sign Ammu and Shahid together again. Haven''t seen them together since Vivah. Waiting for their chemistry to set the screen on fire again. All the best to Genelia! I love her and Shahid. Can''t wait for this movie! <3

14 years ago

wow i''m waiting for the film
both of them r my fav''s

but recently i read another article that shahid n gen r not in very good terms bcoz shahid wanted priyanka in place of her but directer wanted gen n ....

i dont know which one is true

14 years ago

Hope to see them together ;) Shahid n Gen will rock as a pair!!

14 years ago

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