Dr. Atul educates all about Swine Flu...

Star One's Dill Mill Gayye will see our favorite doctor Atul talk educate the kids in the hospital about swine flu..

Star One, the only channel with a medical show on air, Dill Mill Gayye, has decided to educate the audience about swine flu and the ways of preventing it. 

Special scenes have  been scripted whereby Dr. Atul (Pankitt  Thakkar) will be seen comforting Sparsh ( Iccha of Uttaran ) and her friends who are currently in Sanjeevani hospital for treatment. The kids are afraid that they might  contract the dreadful disease from their friends. Dr Atul briefs the children about how not to be afraid of swine flu and what measures they should take to keep the infection at bay . He also stresses on the importance of maintaining high standards of personal hygiene to mitigate  the  fear  amongst  children  on swine flu.
So catch you favorite doctor, up in arms against the swine flu this Friday, 28th August, 8.30 pm only on Star One..


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frndshp_luv_dmg 11 years ago really lyked dat epi bcoz dey tried 2 aware d people!
dmg_kmh 11 years ago SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KushalFan-Sim 11 years ago okkkkkk
i hope we'll able 2 see that soon......and its a nice way also 2 conduct something....!!!!!!!!
deepzloveishra 11 years ago Atul is really cute.
he was fab in yesterday's episode.
sanaya-groverz 11 years ago he ws fab n ystrday's episode.........kool...........
Shaina_b 11 years ago Atul is really cute!!!!Accha huya Atul ne bataya!!!!

Armaan ko toh romance ke alawa aur kuch nahi aata!!!!

caprigurl 11 years ago He pulled it off pretty well, he looked so cute and responsible at the same time with the kids!
yamini lovs ksg
yamini lovs ksg 11 years ago that was really sweet n good
awarness is the key
atul is really cute man n ARMAAN ne batay hota toh aur dhyan se sunte but anyways
I am very very happy that DMG is going awesome these days specially the love story btwn AR brewing all over again
aisa laga raha he taking the romantic journey again
I am in love wi the show
\yeah people I totally agree dmg completely ROCKSSSSSS
.anjz. 11 years ago thanks a lot... jus saw the epi now.. :D
-Magnanimous- 11 years ago xactly...
dmg is finally getting b8r n b8r!!!!

i alwayzz wanted dat dey should show abt swine flu...

after all it's d only doctor show on television!!!!

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