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'Don't play hide and seek in love' - Kapil Nirmal

Kapil Nirmal on a tete-e-tete with Tellybuzz…

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Kapil Nirmal
captured a lot of hearts with his portrayal of Yudi in Star Plus' Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat. Later, he shook a leg on Zara Nachke Dikha on the same channel. The actor is now currently focusing on making an impressive physique and making full use of his break.

With time on his hand the actor talks leisurely about his sweetheart Anjali, what works in relationships generally and his future work.

Over to Kapil…

How are spending your time this monsoon?
Well, I want to spend the monsoon in so many ways. Eighty percent of time is spent in planning and twenty percent is spent in actually executing it (smiles). I just visited a few nearby places…

Did you get disappointed with your early oust from Zara Nachke Dikha?
Well out of the ten episodes I was in seven episodes. I don't think it means I got out too fast. With the other professional dancers on the show, I knew I had to make an earlier exit.

Do you regret signing up for the show?
No, I had a very productive and fun time.  I've had only good experience in the show. So I don't regret it at all…I have no negative feelings towards the show.

Did you strike new friendship with anyone on the team of ZND?
Except for Aamir Ali I never knew anyone. They all became my friends after joining the show.

Are you game for another reality show?
Yes, I'm keen on doing more adventure related reality shows. But there's one show which has always fascinated me and I've been wishing that they'd give me a call – Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

Were you aware of Raja Ki's leap…
Well, what happened was, ten days before the leap I got to know that a new girl is going to enter and the story will be changed to cover her character. But later they told me that there will be a twenty year leap and at that point I got too tensed. I decided I can't handle that!

You portrayed a Prince. So can you give tips on how to woo a girl royally?
Well, I don't know about treating a girl royally but one thing that always works is honesty. Be clear about your feelings,  be very straightforward. Don't play hide and seek in love. Then if it's destined it will work out for you. If it's not destined then no matter how much you try, you will get a negative response. It's sad but that's reality.

Tell us about the special things you do for Anjali and the special things she does for you…
Well it's been a long time since we met so we haven't done anything special for each other lately. Anjali left for Jammu as soon as we had our wrap up on June 3rd. She got back four days back we haven't met yet…

Did she have a good time?
Yes, she attended the puja of their family deity. She told me she can now eat non-veg after this pooja. She loves chicken so she's very happy.

Do you miss shooting with Anjali?
When you work on a project for so long and suddenly stop, you obviously miss a lot of things. I not only miss Anjali, I miss my director and many other people I used to meet on a day to day basis.  In fact I miss the Raja Ki… title song too!

Did Anjali get anything for you from her hometown?
Well, I think she brought something called 'saha' I'm not sure if got the name correctly, a sweet dish which is famous in Jammu.

Which are the essential qualities needed for a couple to sail through difficult times in their relationship…
I think they should always make it a point to give time to each other. Make it a point to meet and if that's not possible talk to each other. Communication is the key to everything.

What kind of shows are you looking forward to do? When can your fans see you again?
I'm looking for any character that is good. I just hope the show doesn't come up with any saas-bahu angle.

Now that Raja ki… is over are you and Anjali looking for a show together? Will you be fine if Anjali takes a new show with some other actor?

I knew this from the very beginning that once Raja ki is over, 99% chance is that, I and Anjali won't be cast together. She knows that I'm a very traditional guy and have preferences. But if she wants to work in a certain way then I will have to accept that. There's no other choice.

Wedding plans? Will you now focus on career or personal life?
My belief is that if your professional life goes smoothly your personal life will follow suit. So I'm not in a hurry to do anything…I don't want to mess things by hurrying up.

Message for India-Forums fans…
You have given me and Anjali so much love please continue to do so. My humble request is that love us for the artists that we are, and not for the characters that we portray. An artist throughout his or her life portrays a lot of different characters and if you love the artist it is just so much better!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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koolkallu 9 years ago i jus luved de way u said "love us as de artista n not as characters,,," u r really sweet kapil...
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smiley121 10 years ago Kapil good luck and hope to see you soon in a good show with a good role
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usmrasul 10 years ago good luck kapil, hope to see at least you back soon, lifes so boring otherwise
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sudhalata1 10 years ago hope to see you atleast soon in some good show s Anali has decided to take a break. good luck
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usmrasul 10 years ago Anjali wont be back till new year, will you be back before then???
i guess not...sigh
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smiley121 10 years ago Kapil good luck and hope to see you soon in a good show with a good role

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usmrasul 10 years ago hope you will get good offers soon at good payment and a production house and good channel but maybe getting so many good thing is not possible
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smiley121 10 years ago kapil come back soon ......miss u terribly......i'm getting mad
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usmrasul 10 years ago miss you & Anjali too much, wish to have you back ASAP
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Juna04 10 years ago kapil nirmal
miss you & Anjali too much, wish to have you back ASAP
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