Dolly Minhas in Hats Off's next...

Dolly Minhas will be seen playing the male lead's mom in Hats Off's next on Star Plus...

We had reported earlier that Hats Off Productions' next show on Star Plus, tentatively titled 'Four Sisters' will have Sudeep Sahir playing the lead.

The girls to play the four sisters are new to the industry. Dolly Minhas who essays the role of Birju's Tai Maa in Hats Off's Baa Bahu Aur Baby has been finalized for this show. She will be seen playing the mom of Mihir, played by Sudeep Sahir.

According to our source, "The role was initially offered to Tanushree Kaushal, but it is Dolly Minhas who has been finalized. She plays Sudeep Sahir's mom, and her screen name is Kamini. She is a loving mom, very practical and rich, but has a grey shade to her character".

When contacted, Dolly Minhas confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I am playing the main lead's mom in the show. But I can't divulge any more detail".

We called Tanushree Kaushal who was also approached for the role. She said, "Yes, I was approached for the role, but there was nothing signed on paper. So I don't know who has been finalized".

Mukul Chhablani and Ajay Chaudhary have been approached to play the other two leads in the show. The show will launch sometime in January 2010.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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i think this will be a great show.. I really like hats off's shows n i love sudeep he s so so so so cute...

14 years ago

appears like ekta's shows as concept involves love triangles b/w sisters.....

14 years ago

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