Dodo goes the Ghajini way...

Jas aka Dodo tricks one and all by imprinting answers on his body, so that it is a cake walk for him in the exams...

The very much loved character of Miley Jab Hum Tum, Dodo aka Jas Karan Singh has come out with unique cheating tricks in the show. The actor goes the Aamir Khan way by scribing on his body.

“I’m tired and have tried every possible way to cheat. This is another way in which I try to pass my exams,” says Jas.

The take-off from Ghajini was actually the idea of the creative team. “It’s the Ghajini craze that is going around, so they thought of making a scoop on it. I paint all the answers on my body and try to copy. During the examination, I peep into my t-shirt to search for the answer. It was really a funny scene. This episode will be aired coming Monday,” he adds further.

Jas always wanted to do some bare-body scenes and finally got the chance. But during the making of the scene, the actor faced few difficulties. “Initially I got allergic with the marker and sketch pens used on my body. I told them that these things will not work as I had applied skin toner, but still the guy went ahead and started scribbling on my body. My skin got red, and eventually I had to call the production guys for help,” he quips.

“After few hours when I felt good, they brought body paint and then imprinted with it. The final scene came out very well, but I really didn’t know how to react. I was happy for the scene, but at the same time I was sad because I lost my dog just few days ago,” concludes the actor.

So viewers, what do you have to say about the trick of Dodo to pass his exams??

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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Comments (44)

awwww it will be great fun 2 watch that scene

15 years ago

he character is really funny
poor guy got allergic

15 years ago

How does he come out with all these wacked ideas?

15 years ago

haha i love him and his character!
too cute!

15 years ago

gr8!!can''t wait till monday!!


15 years ago

I just love dodo!!!!!!!!!!!!he is tooo cute n very funny............

15 years ago

so cute dear.
It will be fun to watch it.

15 years ago

omg another victim of miyavi''s tattoo desgns XD''

15 years ago

gajini scoop! will be fun to watch..

and he lost his dog??! aww... that is terrible!

15 years ago

dodo is the most cutest charactar eva

15 years ago

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