Doctors on the sets of Bidaai..

Recently while shooting for her dance sequence in Taj Mahotsav, Parul Chauhan had a bad fall which resulted in doctors attending her on the sets...

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Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai is gearing up for its one of the biggest event, Taj Mahotsav in the coming week. The event witnessed some of the biggies from television as well as the Bollywood industry. But all was not a cakewalk when it came to the rigorous long-working hours the unit had to put in!!

Parul Chauhan (Ragini) of Bidaai had hurt herself during the shoot of this maha event,” says our source.

She had to perform a dance sequence for Taj Mahotsav wherein she had to complete 30 turns and then fall on the ground. “She danced very well but during the last round, she started feeling dizzy and fell so hard that she hurt herself. She bruised her knees and sprained her ankle,” quips our source.

“Her injury was so bad that a doctor had to be rushed on the sets and the shoot had to be halted for 4 hours. This was the time when the whole unit was working non–stop to make up for the shoot that got affected due to the strike”, adds the source.

No doubt, the hectic shooting schedule has taken a toll on Parul, but the girl will surely be in good stead if the TRP’s of Bidaai soar high during the coming week!!

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Parul Chauhan

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Bless her! i hope she gets well soon! She is sooo nice! Get well soong Parul!

15 years ago

i can't believe the article is talking about soaring TRPs! the girl hurt herself! hope she feels better now

15 years ago

aww parul is such a hard worker..!!! hope shes fine now..!

&& she loooks soo pretty in tht picture!

15 years ago

Awww Parul dear..its sooo nice to hear u are so committed towards ur work ..but u shud also take care of urself darling..sprains r sooo painful......wonder how u wud have managed..but just hoping u get healed soon..& wishing u a speedy recovery!

15 years ago

Aww poor Parul!
I hope she gets well soon.

15 years ago

aaww poor parul get well soon.. & 30 turn Wow!!!

15 years ago

she lks so pretty .. get well soon ........

15 years ago

get well soon get back with more energy

15 years ago

hope she get well soon n i m hatts off she has done 30 turns OMG parul u r d best!!!

15 years ago

poor girl-hope she recovers soon

15 years ago

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