Diwali spreads cheer amongst all!

On the occasion of the auspicious Diwali festival, we speak to few Muslim actors who also celebrate this festival with much of zeal and zest. Let’s see how these stars celebrate this Diwali festival…


Diwali is a Hindu festival which is celebrated by all ethnic groups. People not only from Hindu religion but other people from other religion too celebrate the festival with equal fervor. We know of many Muslim actors who celebrate this festival with much love and delight and indulge themselves completely in the celebrations along with their Hindu friends.

Akhlaque Khan who was last seen in the show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Seson 2 - I do celebrate Diwali every year since childhood. I used to love burning crackers, I also used to make Kandils for my sister and then lit it with diyas and candles and it looked beautiful. For this year I have already got my Diyas and dress ready for Diwali, but I am going to miss my family a lot on Diwali as I am away from my hometown. I will enjoy this Diwali with my friends and I will not burn crackers at all. It will be a noise free and pollution free Diwali this year for me.

Saba Mumtaz - Producer, Ek Boondh Ishq - I celebrate all the festivals. Since past three days my daughter and her friends have already started preparing for Diwali as they were very excited for this festival. I have bought beautiful diyas and colors for rangoli and got my house decorated with lights. I celebrate Diwali with my family and friends. Lots of Diyas, Fuljhadis, cards, fun and frolic it is for Diwali this year.

Shamin Mannan who was last seen playing the character of Bhoomi in Colors' Sanskaar Dharohar Apno Ki - Though I am a Muslim, I celebrate Diwali every year. I have a photo of Mahalaxmi Mata at my home and I do puja of Mahalaxmi Mata on every Dhanteras. I love the festival of Diwali. Also without fail I buy something of gold every Dhanteras. I love the festival of Diwali very much.

Krishma Solanki


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meghan27 6 years ago happy Diwali 2 Akhlaque Khan and all Na Bole Tum Team...
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Greetings from Pakistan!
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Love EBI. Hope we have Diwali filled with lots of ViCha.
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EBI rocks.. hope to see lots of VICHA this season
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