Divyanka learns Dancing!

Divyanka Tripathi, who's always had a passion for dancing, is learning Kathak nowadays

Divyanka Tripathi is making sure her break from work is spent in a worthwhile manner. She is focusing all her energy in learning the beautiful Indian dance form of Kathak.

Divyanka says, "I have always been fascinated by this art form called dance. It's always been my dream to learn dancing formally especially Kathak. Now I'm glad, finally life has given me the time and means to learn it."

Divyanka was adamant on learning it from someone who would give her personal attention. She says, "I wanted to have the old guru-shishya relationship with my dance teacher. So I didn't join the so-called dance academies where a lot of people are taught by a single person. Luckily, I've found for myself guru Vinodkumariji who stays close to my bulding and gives me her full attention."

But why take so much time out for dance and not for singing since she has such a good voice? To this Divyanka says, "I know I have a good voice. But I just felt that dancing would help me to become an all round actor. For this reason I've even joined yoga classes. It increases a person's flexibility both physically as well as mentally to a huge extent."

So when can we see our darling Divyanka balk on small-screen? "I'm in talks over a lot of projects. I want to do something really different. Let's see when that materializes," she signs off.

Hope Divyanka gets a role appealing to her soon...

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author:Susan Jose


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kajol_bella 10 years ago i love to see u whit this dance loveu verry much se u soon . i love u soo much u are so beautifull
MadhuraSDLuv 10 years ago Luv you Divyanka very much and I miss you very much !!!
Manusha_Divz 10 years ago OMG..i miss her soo much..:( cant wait to see ur dancing...wooo alot of project..u better take one up soon.am dying to see u again ASAP..love u..
Katy_AZ 10 years ago Sweeter than anything!!
oooOman I love u
well I myself a good claasical Dancer
So let's rock together sweety LOL
gr8love 10 years ago Great job Divz!
Waitng to see you on telly soon!
saba_90 10 years ago Best of luck! Looking fwd to seeing you soon =)
Yuvika_15 10 years ago aww i miss her...want her and sharad to return in a show 2geva
neha fan1
neha fan1 10 years ago Well done divu!
looking forward in seeing u soon!
divyankat 10 years ago Eeeee
I love her dancing, I would love to see it. Kathak is so cool.....she is even cooler. LOL

Ooooo Projects in talk...OMGG Can't wait!! ^_^
CrazzyBusy 10 years ago awww.....all the best divyanka....i know u can do it....luv u
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