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Dipika Samson plays Rekha; Jamuni goes negative..

Post leap, Dipika Samson plays the grown up Rekha in Agle Janam. Loha Singh's haveli has a new thakurain in Jamuni..


Dipika Samson who played Devi in the Imagine show will now be playing the grown-up and mature Rekha in Zee TV and Swastik Pictures' Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo.

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After the dramatic turn of events that shook Loha Singh's (Sudesh Berry) haveli, the show takes the much-talked about leap in tonight's episode.

Post leap, the haveli will be managed by the new Thakurain of the house, Jamuni (Vindhya Tiwary). The innocent and silent Jamuni has now become the bossy and grey shaded lady who very well knows that Ranvijay (Sachal Tyagi) is on her side and she can take any kind of decisions.

The only caring being in the Haveli is Rekha who will now be played by Dipika Samson.

A little birdie tells us, "Rekha who has always been the loving sister of Laali (Ratan Rajput) tries to emulate her sister in all ways possible. She has grown to become stronger and very caring. Even though she has not got any marital happiness after getting wedded to Ranvijay, she tries her best to keep all the family members together and happy. She is caring towards Sumitra (Rupa Ganguly) and Loha Singh who have now mellowed down and are helpless. Shekar (Abhishek Rawat) who has lost his mental stability after losing Laali will be taken care of by Rekha now. Rekha is a loving mother to Laali's son Madhav played by Tashwin Patel".

When we talked to Dipika she confirmed the news and said, "Yes, Rekha will be the protagonist now. She is the one who has managed the Haveli after Laali's death. Rekha does not get happiness from her husband Ranvijay, but she leaves no stone unturned to spread love and happiness all over. I have got a typical Indian simple attire in the show".

Dipika has started shooting from yesterday, and her entry sequence will be aired in Monday's episode.

We spoke to Vindhya Tiwari, the new Thakurain who said, "I am very lucky to have got to play a very positive character earlier, and now the negative shaded Jamuni. My character was the most silent and soft one before, but now I have become bossy and grey shaded too. I have been brainwashed completely by my mother and hold the keys of the haveli to my chest. I hate Rekha who has grown up to be a mirror image of Laali".

As reported earlier, Manav Gohil and Rajshri Vaidya will be soon entering Agle Janam as the couple who will come as saviours to Laali.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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bsp29 9 years ago Rekha to marry Ranvijay........? Incredible! Anyway it is Imagine TV's loss and Zee TV 's gain. The girl had a superb role in Devi.
mizzneetu 9 years ago Rekha gets married to Ranvijay ? Whatt ?
-Shankar- 9 years ago storyline is little more interestting2010-07-29 10:15:24
krj87 9 years ago she is pretty. she kinda looks like Prabhleen Sandhu from Mohe Rang De
Nadz_YuNalover 9 years ago hun :O wats with this show lol and wer is lali?? OMG im glad i never watched this show hehe i shud tell my sis abt this lol
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