Did Natasa Stankovic silently respond to Hardik Pandya fans slamming her as a gold-digger?

The personal lives of Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic has come under extreme scrutiny after the Reddit post went viral. Since yesterday, she is being trolled as a gold-digger. Is this her response for haters?

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Natasa Stankovic has a quiet message for haters

Natasa Stankovic in happier times Image Courtesy: Instagram

Netizens were left in shock after rumours surfaced that Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya might be headed for a separation. They have a son Agastya and the player is a doting dad. Yesterday, news came that he might have to give her 70 per cent of his assets as alimony. This was reported by a leading news site. This left people further shocked. Of late, there is a lot of debate on how gender laws in India are skewed in favour of women, at times in doubtable circumstances. The model and actress is being called out as a gold digger on social media. 

Now, she has posted a story on her Instagram where we can see Jesus walking behind the lamb. It is one of the most powerful pictures of Christian religious iconography. It means that the Lord above has his love and care towards everyone who seek his benevolence. It means he is watching over the smallest and most innocent of beings like a baby lamb in its time of distress. She was seen with her good friend Aleksander Illic outside Bandra yesterday. He is also from Serbia. When she was asked about the divorce, she simply said Thank You and walked off. 

Take a look at her Insta story

nat jesus
This is Natasa's latest Instagram story

Hardik Pandya is now playing for a club in London. It should be noted that no one has made any official statement so far. Not even close friends or family members have said anything. She left a comment on the post of Krunal Pandya yesterday. The news has spread like wildfire such on the basis on an unverified rumour on Reddit. Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic became parents to Agastya in 2020. They had a simple wedding in the lockdown. In 2023, they married lavishly in Udaipur with her family in attendance. It is being said that no one in the cricket fraternity had a hint of them having marital woes. 

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Chalo ab kuxh din ke liye new controversy now each time Natasa and Hardik breaths will be captured. At the end all will indicate pr stunt. Divorce lena hain to le lo why so much sho sha

17 days ago

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