DID choreographers meet with accident

Choreographers Remo D’Souza and Geeta Kapur of Zee’s Dance India Dance meet with a terrible accident…

Zee TV's Dance India Dance is facing a dilemma as two of its expert choreographers- Remo D'Souza and Geeta Kapur, have met with an accident during the Kolkata auditions.

According to our source, "The creatives wanted to re-enact the Jay-Veeru sequence of Sholay with Remo and Geeta. So they got a scooter with sidecar and asked Remo to ride it with Geeta in the sidecar. However, Remo lost his balance and the scooter went tumbling. Both the choreographers got injured in this mishap."

Adds the source, "No serious injury happened to Geeta but Remo fractured his leg. So he will be required to take extra care of himself even after recovery with his dancing."

We wish Remo and Geeta a speedy recovery.

Reporters: Susan Jose, Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (25)

Ok so I just saw next week's promo in which they showed remo and geeta falling off..lmao xD

14 years ago

aww........dats really sad....get well soon guys...............

14 years ago

Leg tou fracture hona hi tha..Veeru ke saath mukabla kar ne nikle pade..LOL.

14 years ago

Remo must have been showing off.

14 years ago

aweee. well get soon guys :) can't wait for season 2.

14 years ago

oh no i hope that they are doing fine and hope that remo and geeta get well soon

14 years ago

Oh dear!!!!I hope they get well soon!!!!

14 years ago

ouch! that sucks!
hope they get better soon :)

14 years ago

get well soon. its really very sad
injury of leg 4 a choreographer
get wll soon

14 years ago

Oh no...thats bad...hope both recover soon...DID needs all its choreographers...

14 years ago

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