Dharmesh's risk pays off in Dance India Dance..

Dharmesh gave an action-packed performance this weekend in Dance India Dance..

The battle in Zee TV's Dance India Dance Season 2 has got intense with the fear of elimination looming large in the contestants' minds. As the contestants try hard to put their best foot forward, one can clearly say that Dharmesh Yelande seems to be the luckiest of all, as he has been getting appreciated for the enormous talent that he has!

In this week's episode, Dharmesh Sir takes a step ahead in proving his prowess as a dancer, and in fact tries his hand at action and stunts.
According to our source, "Dharmesh performed a fabulous act praising Lord Ganpati Bappa, and in the process smashed nearly ten tube lights on his hands, arms and even walked on them. He got a standing ovation from everyone. The mentors and the Grand Master praised him for having the confidence to perform this kind of an act, and that too in such a crucial stage of the competition".

If we thought Dharmesh was the best in popping-and-lopping format, then this performance of his needs to be watched.

Catch the big 'D' in action on Zee TV's Dance India Dance this weekend…

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Comments (10)

not much of good dance...just gimmics...

14 years ago

Too Many stunts on the these days!
They should concentrate on Dance More

14 years ago

well as many has already said, "Dance India dance" is turning in to "Stunts India Stunts" but well if you think about it, it is not Geeta's fault, last year Salman's Stunts had led him to be a winner, and this time no one is letting it be, they all are ready to do stunts, at every stage of the competition.

14 years ago

it wasnt that great...it was religious so thats why no one couldnt say bad about it...

14 years ago

He's not Dharmesh Sir for me!!
He's D the rockstar!! :D
luv him to bits!
he's a true entertainer congrates to him! for giving such an amazing performance lukin forward to today's epi!!:D:D

14 years ago

Dharmesh sir u rock
i love you.......
keep going
I cannot wait to watch tonight's episode

14 years ago

is this a stunt show sumthin like shabash india ? ?????

i thot this was sumthin to do with dance ?????

14 years ago

Ooohh..! Well done !! I cannot wait to watch tonight's episode..! :D

14 years ago

I hope this performance of Dharmesh puts a lock on mouths of those bad mouthing him and his dance !!!

14 years ago

is show mein sirf todna,kudna hai aur jo dance kare use kaha jata hai ki performance acchi nahin hai

well.dharmesh sir is a very talented and mindblowing dancer
others are also really very good

14 years ago

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