Deepti Devi in Jhansi Ki Rani?

One of the bahus of television is all set for an image change... Read further to know more...

We have reported earlier that Deepti Devi, Radha of Parrivaar was fed up of crying on screen and wanted to do something different. Well here is an opportunity where she gets a chance to show her talent in acting. The actress has been approached to play one of the important roles in Zee's upcoming show Jhansi Ki Rani.

"Deepti has been approached for the role of Juhi, one of the important back bones of Rani Laskshmi Bai," says our khabroo.

Divulging about the character our source further add, "Rani had six important ladies in her life which she considered as her back bones. On of them was Juhi who was and actress and a dancer. She used to entertain the Englishmen and get details about them to the queen."

"Juhi was a silent lover of Tantya Tope too. She was charming and had been with the queen till the end, fighting the battle. Producers have recommended her to the channel though Deepti is still to sign the contract," quips the source.

We tried calling Deepti Devi but she was not available for comments.

Slowly things are unfolding, but the true picture will come in light once the show goes on air.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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amazing actress... right decision she has taken.. can''t wait to watch her... thanks for sharing

15 years ago

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