Deepika out Sonam in.

Akki replaces Deepika with actress Sonam Kapoor for his next, 'Come on Pappu.'

Since actress Deepika and Sonam have entered the industry people have always looked out for competition between them but these actresses have never seen each other as competitors. But now they might? Wondering why?

Recently, released Chandni Chowk to China saw actors Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone acting together. A lot was done to promote the movie, like tie-up with a popular show Roadies, international premiere etc but all this fail to create any magic for the movie since its plot was not that promising.

Now the buzz is that Akki has replaced Deepika with actress Sonam Kapoor for his next, ‘Come on Pappu’ for a stupid reason that she is not lucky for him. Can this be true? If it has to be true then why the actor will take a risk of roping in a new actress instead he can go with his lucky film mascot Katrina. Isn’t it? But, who can make this understand to those intellectual creatures who think it that way.

So, what you think will this create a rift between the two actresses and the two who never took each other as competitor will start competing?

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