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Dead men return in Ganga; cause havoc and heartache

Two brothers thought to be dead return in Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki Ganga; the return instead of joy, bring out mixed emotions among family members…

Published: Monday,Jun 14, 2010 18:17 PM GMT-06:00
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So far, in the Colors show Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki Ganga has not been bereft of drama. However, the real shocker we realize has been held up so far to be put out at the right time!

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According to our source, "Mahant's younger brothers who were kept hidden in the family by Uttama Chachi, under the premise that they are dead will be brought back into the family. One of the younger brothers is Vikram Aditya who will be portrayed by Zeb Khan (He was earlier seen in Meri Doli Tere Angna on Zee. He portrayed Nand Baba on Colors' Jai Shree Krishna His last appearance was on Imagine's Meera).He is a negative character who is out to get the family's property. Other brother Arjun is played by Raj Singh (Sachin of Pavitra Rishta)."

"After Ganga (Jayshree Soni) herself refuses to marry Mahant, he decides to marry the widow of his younger brother Devika (Amrapali Gupta). Because as it is Devika tries to commit suicide on hearing news of Mahant's wedding with Ganga as she is madly in love with him. So Mahant feels this way he is saving some one's life. However with the return of Arjun things get awkward."

Zeb Khan tells us, "Yes I've started working for Ganga. My brother and I are returning to our home in the show."

Raj Singh says, "I'm happy that I've bagged a role in Ganga. Actually I feel I'm starting from where I left in Pavitra Rishta. There also Manav marries my wife and here also my  elder brother is on the verge of marrying my wife (laughs). We have starts shooting from yesterday."

The entry of the two brothers will be telecasted on Wednesday.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose

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Sachuuchor 12 years ago Dont worry Raj you are the best. We all your fans are with you. Very soon you will get a new show. I know all you anti Raj will praise Rajsingh one day. Just keep your good work rest will be history. Love you dear.
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nainasahi 12 years ago ZEB ,u r the best amongst all.
i smply admire u for ur talent and perseverence.
ZEB is a kind of actor who seems least bothered to fight for position in a show amongst fellow actors. i thing a good actor lets his work do the talking about them.
ZEB exactly does that.
u ROCK ZEB !!!!!!!!!
U R D BEST........

I ve seen an article saying GANGA is ending soon.
waiting 4 u.
love n gud wishes always !!!!2010-08-07 00:42:50
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u r absolutely right.
ZEB is a fantastic actor. we all are his super loyal fans.
honestly, ZEB n RAJ luk gud 2gether as brothers, gud chemistry bet them, they almost seem as real brothers.
gud luck to both of them, wud love to watch them 2gether in other shws also.
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karangaga 12 years ago Hi Sachuuchor,
i understand that u r a fan of Raj, so it is very obvious that u might not b able to take the praises of another actor .
but REMEMBER, we all fans of ZEB KHAN not just praise him and like him , but we adore him .
just for ur knowledge,
" DEFINITION OF A VERSATILE ACTOR ", IS "a guy doing seven shows in all different looks and all different characters, and being remembered and loved in each and everyone of them. Whether it is "NANHE BABU " opposite RAVEENA TANDON , OR its a BUSINESS TYCOON opposite ROHIT ROY and RONIT ROY, OR the most adorable human as "NAND " or a contrast to it, A ROYAL HEIR IN HISTORICALS, "RANA VIKRAMADITYA ", AND TO ADD " watch him in a very different role in " GANGA ".
NO hard feelings, best wishes to RAJ, HOPE to see him doing good and different characters.
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Sachuuchor 12 years ago Hi friends, i have just started watching ganga because i recently came to know that Raj singh is playin arjun in it. Its really worth watching this versatile actor.. I like his acting and Raj is such a fine actor because after happy go lucky boy in pavitra rishta he is doing such intense role in ganga. I disagree with some of the viewers that its only zeb who steals the scene.. Actually the drama starts only when Raj a.k.a comes in the picture..
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bela.143 12 years ago i think that in the last few days , the cvs of ganga have finally got a way to win back audiences. i mostly love to watch vikram n mayas scenes b coz they are decent enough to b called an effort.
b4 this , the cunning chachi s track had caused a lot of confusion. uttama chachi in the midst of a house full of males cud still plot and plan against the family and get away with it without anyones knowledge, its preposterous. ha.. ha.. it resembled old hindi movies where antiheroines or chachis of the family cud singlehandedly cause all the trouble . , the show dint used to look at all contemporary.
not that the actress who plays chachi is bad as an actor, but her point of being negative towards the family was not so very clear. i think the cvs themselves were pretty confused as to what to do in that track, in such a case it was gud that the track was ended, it saved us the trouble to go through the boring drama of chachi plotting n planning in an effortless and bland way . how she first showed up in the show as a madwoman , then how she got all the money to hire her own goondas is all a bore mystery and not at all naturalistic.

now that she is not in the house , i hope the focus will shift on the brothers and their rivalry.
but personally, i really disliked arjun falling for ganga. i mean he calls his " badi bhabhi " by her name everytime . i think the cvs n channel r planning to show a triangle or a new love angle , arjuns weakness for ganga,,,,,, nooooooo, if the cvs r really thinking of doing that then the show is really going to go down the drain. why to play lousy balaji type tracks , where anyone can fall in love with anyone , regardless of the rishta they share, no yaar i jus hope this is not going to happen , it is again so unwanted and in bad taste . i think the cvs shud not make way 4 such a track, if ganga is actually to b shown so pure and mirthless.2010-07-28 15:22:09
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deepti4ever 12 years ago yes KARAN, ZEB is a fabulous actor. BUT smhow i feel that he has not been given his due in the show. he is supposed to be the main negative guy in the show, but is seems as if the cvs are just using him as a filler artist. this is grave injustice . instead of showing more stronger track of ZEB plotting against the MAHANT family, unnecessary and uninteresting stuff is shown including other actors.
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karangaga 12 years ago ZEB KHAN is by far the best actor in the whole show. The way in which the story has unfolded after his arrival in the Mahant family has left less scope for anyone else to perform .
Waise to much is happening in the show , be it Vedika s pregnancy news or Ganga s HOSPITAL TRIP, but eventually it is ZEB , who by his steeling performance steals the show. Most of us are watching the show b'coz we expect to see more of ZEB and his scenes in the show which are a breath of fresh air in the midst of unemotional and uninspiring scenes and sequences.
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nisha264 12 years ago Thanks veiva. I hope shiv comes back with a interesting twist. Its been long now. He is the lead of the show .
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veiva 12 years ago The serial Ganga is full of tension now.... who is behind the ghunghat..... it can also be Ganga..... Nisha, don't worry, I feel Shiv will be brought back later as per requirement of the plot..
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