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Dance India Dance gets three Wild Card entrants..

To know the lucky three who made it back to the contest in Zee's Dance India Dance thro' Wild Card, get in here...

Zee's Dance India Dance will announce its wild card entry today, and then will begin the battle between the 'Behtareen Baraah' who will compete for the coveted Sunehri Taqdeer ki topi.

According to our source, "This week will also see the unveiling of the Sunehri Taqdeer ki topi, embellished with heavy jewels and diamonds, costing a whopping Rs15 lacs. The winner will not only be the proud winner of the Topi, but also will get a 50 lakh contract and a Bollywood movie contract too!".

Three got lucky to get back thro' Wild Card. "Sunita Gogoai, Mangesh and Prince are the lucky three who got back to fight another battle. The decision to choose the wild card entrants was taken by the audience, and it is heard that these three got huge number of votes, something that is usually seen in a reality show only during the voting for the Grand Finale", explains our source.

After this, it's the battle between the 'Behtareen Baarah' that is to be closely watched..

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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radhika_21 11 years ago i''m really happy 4 them but i thought paulson deserved 2 be there as well!
mz.jess 11 years ago paulson deserved to be part of the 12!
GujuGrl 11 years ago i don''t think it''s fair to paulson b/c he was out due to his injury not by elimination, so he shouldn''t have to compete for top 12.......public voting sucks!!!
Sanju_ 11 years ago i am so so happy for sunita and mangesh too....but i wanted paulson also to be in top 12.
Priya_SD 11 years ago OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! I''m SO SO SO SO happy for Sunita! And Mangesh too! But Prince...he should not be there!
bmtdluver 11 years ago y not paulsen....thats sad....he was sooooooo good!!!
burgerchaap 11 years ago i wanted Mandakini =(
wwwwhyy sunita?
Princess_Ameera 11 years ago really feel bad for paulson,,,, but happy for sunita she''s deserv to be in.
roshnu 11 years ago I don''t believe Paulson didn''t get in!
dipika1994 11 years ago WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO Paulson I CANT BELIEVE THIS
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