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'Dance Guru' Shiamak Davar Voices out before the Grand Finale..

Shiamak Davar, one of the Judges of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa expresses his disappointment over equal weightage given to the judges and audience votes, and wishes that Season 3 will bring a pleasant change in voting pattern...

Published: Wednesday,Dec 12, 2007 09:03 AM GMT-07:00
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Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa judge Shiamak Davar is quite disappointed with the 50% judges mark and 50% audience vote format.

Dance Guru Shiamak Davar Voices out before the Grand Finale..
"This is a dance show and not a popularity stakes contest. It is unfortunate that the public does not understand this. They vote for the person rather than their dance ability", argues the Dance Guru. May be the show should now be renamed as 'Vote Dikhhla Jaa' rather then 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa'. "Its feels so bad when excellent dancers like Sudha Chandran who we give perfect 10 are voted out", he added. Coming to last Saturday's elimination,Shiamak said, "While Negi was not a natural dancer, he was good performer. Hence the hockey hero lasted so long. But in the end, you have to have a combination of both", opines Shiamak.

Among the top 3 finalists, who do you think has a strong chance to win? "Although Sandhya is a better dancer, yet Prachi will win due to her strong Bani image. Plus she is a good dancer as well", he remarked sadly, giving indications that he roots for Sandhya.

Remind him of his use of high-fi Hindi words, he laughed and said, "I have asked my friend to give me a list of Hindi word for excellent, good and bad. The best part is that people have come forward and congratulated me on my attempt to master the language".

In closing, this Master of Dance, adviced SET that in Season 3, they should increase the judges proportion of importance in the over all equation to 65%.

Author: Anil Merani
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rjsu @rjsu 15 years ago Sorry shiamak. Until now I was impressed that u had fair judgement.But i am dissapointed now.

If this show has to be based only on dancing then u should call only dancers and u will have not even one third viewership.

It is much more challenging for celebrities who are not dancers to perform and win audience vote. One cannot underestimate viewers choice, and jdj is not only a dance show if musicians, actors, players and tv anchors who do not have any dancing skills have to compete with dancers.

Hats off to all the other contestants who have taken this challenge to compete with real dancers like sudha and sandya.

jdj2 has been excellent throughout.
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klueless @klueless 15 years ago Kudos to Shiamak for speaking cle
arly.Love you , love you .. hope to see you next season on Jhalk.
Only a dumb twit will not know that PD won because of her popularity . that too unfairly ..coz she was given a privelge n.prefernce to return.all thanks to jeetu and Ekta .
Its evident Dance Guru's opinion and judgement arent valued or considered , folks keep accusing him of favouritism for Sandhya when all he has done is selected the best dancer ..isnt thaty what Jhalak is all about ..??? or is it about crowning your poularity ?????
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marcia @mbenjamin 15 years ago so tru man..judges need more say in dis....da public is too biased...sandhya deffo deserves to win cuz shes da best of 'em all.
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kusum @bandschanchali 15 years ago well said shiamak, u r absolutely right.
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Mistyy @Mistyy 15 years ago i am glad he spoke the truth, for me no matter wat SANDHYA is a REAL WINNER!
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Shina @nsheena 15 years ago i agree with Shiamak. he is right... ppl vote on the basis of popularity and not on their dancing abilities. Cant blame Shiamak for openly showing support for Sandhya. He is just dissappointed tat talent deosnt get its due :((
thanks for the article
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priya @priyapiya 15 years ago Prachi will will....Def...
Bhool gayee kya...
Indian idol mein bhi tho sandeep aur parshant jeet gaye thi.....
Jab ki Amit aur karunya sabse ache
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surveen @surveen_kapoor 15 years ago I def. agree with Shiamak da! im glad he said this..!!!!!!!!!

i sooo give you right!

kam as kam kisi one jugde ke paas to akal hei.. our zubaan hei agreement ka!!

ppl are influenced by their popularity and not their talent...
and im sooooo happy taht shiamak Da said this too...

tahnxz Da! i give ya first right!!!
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ramas @ramas 15 years ago thanks shamak is so right. ppl are influenced by their popularity and not their talent.
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Khushi @khushix 15 years ago I def. agree with Shiamak! im glad he said this!!...

I want and hope Sandhya wins it all.. she's a better dancer...

it would be so unfair if Prachi wins.. she was out..n came bak through a wild card which wasnt even a part of this show...

Prachi is a good dancer..but Sandhya is very much better!...

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