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Daljeet Kaur draws a blank

Daljeet Kaur drew a complete blank as she performed on the stage in Sahara One's Saas V/s Bahu. Read to know more...

Published: Monday,Oct 13, 2008 09:26 AM GMT-06:00
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Forgetting one's steps and goofing up the performance in reality shows is fast becoming a common feature. The latest goof up was on Sahara One's Saas V/s Bahu wherein Daljeet Kaur blanked out during her performance.

Daljeet Kaur draws a blank
Daljeet was to perform on the famous Sridevi song, Na jaane kahan se aai hai, but the actress was so nervous that she forgot her steps and fumbled a lot. The judges were completely unimpressed and gave her a very low score. Ask her the reason for this mishap and she says, "The whole sequence of the performance was altered and I was informed last minute. Initially, I was supposed to walk in with an umbrella and I did my rehearsals with the same entry too. I was unwell for a couple of days and could not make it to the rehearsal. So, I was unaware that the prop was changed to a bicycle." She was given instructions just before the performance and knowing the counts she thought she would manage.

However, as soon as the music began, Daljeet just drew up a blank. "I got really nervous and kept missing my steps. After a point I even stood still. This is my first attempt at dancing. I have this habit of memorizing things and if there is slight change in sequence, I forget the whole thing. I just cannot be spontaneous as I am a non-dancer" explains Daljeet. On an ending note she says, "This was my worst performance and I will never forget it throughout my life."

We hope this poor performance did not mar her image in the judges' eyes and she returns with a bang!!!

Author: Melanie

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Jenifer @Jenifer. 15 years ago awwwwwwww....i hope this does not stay with her before she does other performances. she's a good dancer.
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norzar @norzar 15 years ago hi

thanks for this

its understandable that such things happens

hope she does better in her next dance

hope the bahu team of juhi, daljeet and jasveer win the quarter finals and reach the semi final

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Daebak @Daebak 15 years ago Hope it doesnt deter her confidence in any way !!
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sharu @wackysharu 15 years ago that was really sad... i agree when we are nervous we tend to forget steps....
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 15 years ago awww, poor thing! But hopefully her performances will only get better!
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Shruti @shruti 15 years ago Poor Daljit. Hope she gets well soon. Eagerly waiting to see Shaleen-Daljit in NB4!!
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