Dadisa accepts Jagya-Gauri relationship..

The family members are in for a rude shock when Dadisa approves of Jagya and Gauri's wedding in Colors' Balika Vadhu..

The news of Jagya (Shashank Vyas) and Gauri's (Anjum Farooqi) wedding has not gone well with the family, so much so that Kalyani Dadisa (Surekha Sikri) faces a heart attack in Colors' Balika Vadhu.

Even though the family does not accept Jagya-Gauri relationship, the newly wedded couple decide to stay in the haveli to treat Dadisa.

Our source tells us,"Jagya and Gauri will diligently monitor Dadisa's health condition from time to time, and the elderly lady of the house would get well soon. With the job in hand done, Jagya and Gauri pack their bags and are about to leave when Dadisa stops them".

"It comes as a major shock to the family members as well as Jagya and Gauri when Dadisa approves of their relationship and gives them the permission to stay with them. The reason for this move of Dadisa will not be revealed, but Dadisa's decision will come after she has a talk with Gauri where she tells Dadisa that when she started to love Jagya, she was not aware of he being her beendh in childhood".

Is it the sheer love for Jagdish that prompts Dadisa to take this decision? Or is there any other motive?

Only time will tell..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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SweetSona2010 9 years ago Sangeeta the show has always highlighted the evil effects of child marriage. See what has happened to Anandi after years of marriage, friendship & love with Jagiya. Even in childhood she suffered a lot.

Yes, Gauri is selfish in the sense that she can see only her problems. First of all she should blame her parents for forcing her into marriage. Her anger on Dadisa is justified. But being educated how come she is giving so much importance to her child marriage. If it is so important then how come she is not taking Jagiya-Anandi's child marriage into consideration.
She cannot bear the idea of Jagiya even talking sympathetically to Anandi but she does not realise that she has stolen someone else's love & life.

All the reasons that Jagiya is giving is bullshit. He just wants a way to blame Anandi & be with Gauri.
KANHA6 9 years ago plzzz don't spoil things for Anandi. I hope @sweetsona2010 gave the right reasons.
bring Anandi nd jagya together.
superclub9 9 years ago Reason I suppose is that Dadisa feels guilty of force gauri to marry jagya in childhood now she wants reduce her guilt by accepting them in the family...
SANGEETA24 9 years ago the serial is not showing the problems of childmarriage. both were happy in their childhood when most of the problems of childmarriage occurs. they were good friends more than married couple.
aanandi went to her parents home for five years so both of them grew up like normal teenagers.
they met each other and they loved each other like any other normal arrange marriage couple.
so the reasons of child marriage told by jagiya is not understood . the attitude of gauri is also not understood.She accused jagiya's family for insulting her in childhood. how cant she understand that she was saved from child marriage. she should be grateful to them more than her own parents (who forced her into marriage for money). she being a doctor should have been more openminded to neglect this incident. instead she is bothered of her own emotions(hardly rememberable) and not for aanandi. she is not accusing jagiya for spoiling aanandi's life for no fault of her . she is being rude to aanandi.
sanw 9 years ago thanks for the article. have to wait & wtach why dadisa has accpeted them
RoseFairy 9 years ago anandi leave that haveli..you deserve better
SweetSona2010 9 years ago So...ok if Dadisa really has some intention to accept & allow Jagiya-Gauri relationship then it better be for good.

What I feel -

1) Maybe dadisa wants to show Gauri what a real 'beendhni' is that is how Anandi takes care of her family members & what her place is in the family etc

2) Teach Jagiya a lesson when Anandi will educate herself & become a doctor infront of him.

3) wants to get Jagiya & Anandi back together.

This is what I think. If Dadisa has realised her mistake then she is doing this with some good intention.

I hope Anandi makes so much progress in her life that Jagiya would fall at her feet & regret.
Well, this had to happen otherwise how would they make the show more spicy!2011-06-12 12:19:15
cool_tuli 9 years ago what nonsense...!! wats happening in this show???
She has sumthing in her mind... for sure... I jus hope it doesn't affect anandi n teaches a hardcore lesson to gauri (heartless creature) n also that jagya... i don want jagya n anandi to b together now... anandi shud set her life on her own now... thats best for her...
-Preeti- 9 years ago am 200% sure she does this with a motive to unite Jagya and Anandi. But i so dont want that happening. About time Anandi finds a new guy and also fulfill her dreams of being a Doc
munni_rajatfan 9 years ago i think dadisa has sum plans. thts why she accepted this marriage. in one way its gud for anandi. now she can move on & becum a big doctor.
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