Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi: Kasturi's provocation ignites Satya's quest for revenge against Arya and Chhaya

In the episode of Sony TV's show Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi, Kasturi will be seen provoking Satya to take revenge against Arya and Chhaya.

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Aamir Dalvi

Sony Entertainment Television, known for its commitment to diverse storytelling and compelling characters, is ready to introduce viewers to 'Dabangii - Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi.' This exciting series follows Arya, a bold and determined young woman on a quest to find her father, Satya, whom she believes to be a supercop away on a secret mission. 

In the previous episode, viewers witnessed Chhaya takes a creative approach to manage Arya's aggression by having her recite a poem designed to help her control her temper in the future.

In the intense episode airing on November 10th, 2023, Kasturi urges Satya to seek revenge against Arya, blaming her for harming Kasturi's son. As Arya and Chhaya take refuge in a warehouse to escape menacing goons, tension escalates when the goons get close to Chhaya.  Contemplating how her father would handle the situation, Arya faces a critical moment—can she rescue Chhaya from the imminent threat of the ruthless goons? 

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