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Lack Of Laughs As We Unravel Papad Pol...

The foreword by Shahbuddin Rathod opens the first frame of SAB TV's Papad Pol - Shahbuddin Rathod Ki Rangeen Duniya and gives the show an impressive start. Claps for the Genius behind the idea as the wise veteran gives a sweet and humble intro to the story.

Sticking to the route of the introductory episode, viewers are introduced to the characters.  The character of Vinaychand (Swapnil Joshi) manages to win hearts with his good heart while his mother reminds one of the overdramatic Bollywood film mothers.

Performances of the actors at first sight are mediocre.  Vinay's heavy accent gets tiring after a few minutes.  However, the show wins on the cuteness ingredient as the characters bring a smile on viewers' faces.  The story line hits a good note with the close-knit residential society members with close cultural values.

Studio cinematography makes the show livelier while the rhythm of the show reminds one of theatre plays.  One can easily guess that actors must be waiting for their cue to deliver dialogues. 

And now let's talk about the most important thing – comedy.  The biggest expectation from Papad Pol is laughs which it really does not manage to garner. Coming from the makers of Comedy Circus(Optimystix), the show disappoints majorily in the comedy department.  The one-liners deserve some applause but in these spurts of true wit, the show gets boring.

Last word, one can't entirely lose hope just by the first episode.  The only Pol we will reveal from Papad Pol today is that have some patience to see if the better laughs are yet to come….
India-Forums Rating: 3/5

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Papad Pol - Shahbuddin Rathod ki Rangeen Duniya

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Comments (16)

A very nice comedy show.I thoroughly enjoy!!

12 years ago

It's the best comedy show I have seen after a long time. Superb acting from the all the cast, great direction & very well writen. An All round SHOW........

13 years ago

true.. it still lacks grt oneliners or real comic scenes like Lapatagunj.. bt still Vinay's character is cute and i like him.. bt Kokila lacks the panache, fails to impress me.. i m more impressed with her character in the other show.. rest of characters fail 2 deliver gud comedy and seems boring save Vinay's mother and father.. bt they r gud at heart and really care 4 Vinay and tht makes Papad pol distinct n likeable..

13 years ago

it's going gud now from 2nd week. All r doing better job now. specially Ami Trivedi. She is doing two shows on same channel, but with completely different voices, tones and characters. n Swapnil's innocence is remarkable !

13 years ago

ab kaha gaye critics? woh sab sirf 1 episode dekhke views dete hai aur isiliye galat hote hai...ab dekho woh series kafi badhiya hai..

13 years ago

First episode was an introduction only. It's going to be better n better with each episode, specially I m waiting for 4th episode for Ami's (Kokila's) entry, then it will bcum much better.
And, I personally believe in gud humour. Although first 3 episodes were not very very funny, but the humour was really decent and innocent which is almost vanished these days.

13 years ago

No its good show .Swapnil is very good actor

13 years ago

its not that bad show... !!! it looks really good to me... only one channel in india sticking with Laughter funda, therefore u should support it...rather then giving them this much criticism!!!

13 years ago

As if...always whatever the Critics say the opposite happens...the show is very nice...they said Ghajini wud be a super flop as it lacked story line and it was one of the Biggest Blockbusters..they said Heyy Babby wud be a flop for his Director doesn't know how to make films..but that was a Hit..time has proved before also that the Critics don't know how to judge a show..and just blabber anything they like...
I think that this show is good..

13 years ago

Who are these so called "critics" or rather self "proclaimed critics"!! And what credibility do they have to be labelled as critics?

So quick to pound upon something... Blah blah blah...

13 years ago

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