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Tare Zameen Par movie made Dino cry...

Q.: The Film that made you cry?
A.: “Taare Zameen Par” made me cry; especially the scene where the lad is left at the hostel by his parents was really touching.

Q.: Person whom you would like to forgive?
There is none like that! I do not have enmity on anyone, so there arises no point of forgiving.

Q.: A film that you have seen hundred times since your childhood.
There are many films. From English, I can remember “God Father” and in Hindi, there is “Andaz Apna Apna”.

Q.: To whom did you write your last letter and when?
I wrote my last letter just two months before. But I can’t remember to whom it was addressed to.

Q.: Your favorite gadget.
My I-pod and cell phone.

Q.: Brand of your cell phone.

Q.: Your last holiday destination.
As far as I can remember, I went to Goa.

Q.: Name the thing that can make you cry.
An ailing child.

Q.: Do you have any such experience?
Few days back, I visited the children’s division of Wadia Hospital. I really felt bad seeing children so weak and sick. They even don’t know about their ailment properly. I just cannot express in words how I felt being there. We are in fact very lucky to be healthy.

Q.:  Would you like to be remembered as a human being or as an actor?
A.: One good actor who was a good human being.

Q.: Can you cook any dish?
Only pasta. That is one dish that can fill my appetite. 

Q.: What is the one thing that you hate most..
Corruption. I don’t know from where all the politicians come and go to after grabbing people’s money. Actually, people are always so numb that they do not even realize that they grab our money and get to travel in excellent cars and tour abroad.

Q.: If you are given one chance to serve the nation, what will you intend to do?
If I am given a chance, I will replace these aged politicians with young guys. Our country will probably improve then..

Q.: Your favorite holiday destination.
There are many such destinations. I love to travel, so whenever I go to a new place, I just set out.

Q.: Something that you want to change in yourself.
Nothing. I am always at my best.

Q.: Your favorite hero and heroine.
Among heroes, I like most Leonardo Di Caprio and Michel among heroines.

Q.: Your happiest moment till date.
When “Raaj” became a hit. (Joking) Jokes apart, it was the moment when I became a father.

Q.: Last time you went for a charity.
A.: I spent my valentine’s day with hundred couples who ail from cancer. They were happy with me and their happiness made me happy. But I was also sad, thinking about whether they will be able to enjoy their next valentine or not. 

Q.: Something which you never get bored of
I love to read. “Alchemist” by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is the book that I like reading most.

Q.: What do you do to de-stress yourself?
I just lie down in bed, or I play with my dogs. I like fishing very much. I have a small pond in my garden where I enjoy fishing.

Q.: The most memorable place.
I can’t remember just one place. Wherever I go for a holiday, I make it my memorable place.

Q.: Your fitness schedule.
Whenever I have time, I play football and volleyball. Nowadays, I am busy with my martial art training.

Q.: Do you go to gym? If yes, then to which gym?
I go to the gym next to my house.

Q.: What do you think is the most important element in your food?
I am not very strict about diet and food.  I eat anything and everything. I like food from every country. But of course, not worms. 

Q.: the game you like the most.
I like all games.

Rajnee Gupta. -(SAMPURN)

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