Coronavirus Scare: Mandira Bedi Suffered an Asthma Attack out of Anxiety

Mandira Bedi was in quarantine after returning from Australia and reveals that she had an anxiety attack a few days back owing to the ongoing situation worldwide...

Mandira Bedi
Mandira Bedi

The Coronavirus pandemic has raised tension all over the world. The entire nation is facing a lockdown and all business sectors are getting affected. A humongous number of 423,330 cases have been reported so far, with a close to 18,906 deaths due to the novel virus.

It's a matter of distress for every individual across the globe, and actor Mandira Bedi too reveals getting affected by the coronavirus outburst. Like many other people, she is in self-isolation inside her house and reveals that she had an anxiety attack a few days back owing to the ongoing situation worldwide.

Mandira was in quarantine after returning from Australia, and shares: “I was in Australia for the women’s cricket World Cup and came in on March 9. I was in self-isolation and have been counting the days because the symptoms take 14 days to show. I have been so anxious, nervous and fearful that I actually did work myself up to get an asthma attack out of anxiety."

She reveals how the negativity because of COVID-19 led to her attack. “The day I got my attack, I worked myself into a frenzy to get into that space. The night before the incident, the last thing I saw was a video of someone coughing and people not taking it seriously. It was so negative and depressing. The next morning I woke up at 5.30 am in a total state of panic,” she says.

Bedi wants people to be just positive and gives a few ideas to what can be done at home. “Have a routine. Use your time to exercise. I am putting a lot of home workout videos because that is what is keeping me going. Besides, I am also homeschooling my son (Vir),” adds the actor.

Meanwhile, speaking of India, the total number of active cases has reached 482, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day complete lockdown to break the cycle of the virus.

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Mandira Bedi

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