Controversies on the Nach Baliye dance floor

Nach Baliye 3, is just two episodes old, and controversies have hit the Dance floor. Read on...

Star is getting tired of the constant snipping about the lack of well known names in Nach 3, a source said you have to remember this is the third season of Nach, so most well known tv faces have already figured in season 1 @ 2. Besides here we wanted to raise the bar by including people from other e fields, besides TV as well. Shakti Kapoor Rakhi Sawant and Kashmeera Shah are well known celebrities in their own right. Karan Janjani is also an established model and an up coming film star.

On the question of absence of old judges like Saroj Khan , the sources stressed that change is the mantra of life, "The new judges are equally good, if not more. Vaibhavi Merchant is a recognized industry choreographer. David Dhawan needs no introduction. While Ishaa Koppikar, will provide the glam quotient"

What was the controversy regarding Juhi Parmar entry as the eleventh Jodi, The source confided "we wanted to create buzz and variety, but the other contestants have raised objections. So lets see what happens." The source went to provide another valuable nugget of information by saying that "Juhi has walked out and that the channel may be considering bringing somebody else who will find her partner the same way Juhi would have. The Kum Kum girl has issued a press note saying " I have backed out of the show, for the simple reason that I do not want to make anyone unhappy or be unfair to anyone. I do not wish to have any controversies around me and my intention to enter the show was only because it was challenge and I would be able to give rise to a new talent from the public".

What not channels do to create controversies on Reality shows. Some how even the participants seem to be involved in this game(Juhi entry), for a tabloid had flashed this news around a week before the actually shooting. So they all had to be in the loop. But the way they all acted, as if it was a bolt from the blue.

Author: Anil Merani

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Including the judges!!! instead of criticising we should appreciate the guts of all the couples taking part... lol as much as I love to dance, I dont think I could do what they do!! lets sit back enjoy the show and give heaps of kudoos to Hussein and Tina to hosting the show and Good luck to all the contestants!! and Krushna-Kashmera really vibed beautifully with each other... they were totally insinc!! loved Vaibhavi's dance as well and David's smile is the cutest!!

16 years ago


thanks fro this

as a juhi fan, i am proud of her decsion. she is a great human being.

though i must admit if she took part, this would ahve been a bog challenge for her. juhi has always done different things, and this time too, it would have been different.

anyhow wishing her all the best, with whatever she does.

16 years ago

the concept of 11th jodi is just not acceptable. obviously the others will not agree.
and as for NB3.....well it has lost all appeal without saroj khan, SLB and shilpa shetty

16 years ago

Nach Baliye has become a raunchy show with raunchy people entering the show. Saroj Khan showed open partiality.

16 years ago

This content is hidden.

16 years ago

Juhi Parmar inclusion was not a controversy but an inclusion of a new concept in the format.

Anyway the contestants opposition and hosts pacifying looks more scripted than real. Their looks were like we already do know about it.

The channel could have introducted this new concept in the format in a much better way than this.

NB will have no more seasons if they donot reformat or reenergize the existing format. As NB is an Indian self-made reality show they have do add up concepts in form of shock values or value add-ups for viewers to get glued to it and it to be a re-saleable marketable brand.

It would be such a pity if such a nice brand bites dust just if we go on saying a “strict no-no” to value add-ups

Anyway the most important thing real baliye means a husband, the rest are to-be baliyes, and some are no more a couple after NB. So if the contestants can play around the word baliyes then why not the channel and the production house. They have just widened the meaning of baliye from husband to a partner.

I go with the channels perception of giving one more platform to the audiences to showcase their skills.

16 years ago

kudos to juhi for steppin down...she undstood wat others were feeling...but still a new person comin in....i hope tht person isnt a good dancer so thn the competition can be healthy

16 years ago

Kash-Rakhi at loggerhead again, it will be fun to watch :)

16 years ago

Whats the point in bringing someone else and finding their jodi the way Juhi wud have?? Thats the same as bringing Juhi as the 11th jodi..

Its not fair picking ur own partner, obv Juhi will pick the best one.. thats not fair for the other jodis! :(

16 years ago

I think it was unfair of her to enter withour her real balye...I was against it..I hope she or any1 at her place doesnt cum bak...

16 years ago

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