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Contest of the Week!

We are Back, Eye checkup is being done here, so come, participate and get your eyes checked for free in our Weekly contest!


Hello and Welcome friends with another week of fun and frolic here on Telly Buzz at the Contest Corner!! Once again, we are back with a bang with ..Spot The difference! so It's time to test your eye scores and look closely to spot all the differenses of this week!! However, before we proceed to this week's puzzle, lets have Last week's Contest Results and Winners :-

Answers of Last week contest was :

Rajeev Khandelwal and Sachin Shroff and the Winners are:-


Congratulations to the Winners!!

ooops..you knew the answers of last weeks but did not participate, nevermind here's another chance...to show your Skill..do not leave it for tomorrow..
Simply just start finding the 8 Differences between these two Pictures.
   your entries to buzzingbees                                                      
TellyBuzz management team.
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Rajeev Khandelwal Sachin Shroff

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Too_Much 2007-09-10T22:23:42Z HOpe she will not mind if some one keeps ther edaughters name shilpa
Peanutt Butterr
Peanutt Butterr 2007-07-19T09:38:27Z i thought this game was fab.. absolutely loved spotting the difference...:D
disney101 2007-07-15T12:43:49Z 2 flower pot on left side,
bindi differnce,
differnce on sari designes on her thies,
4:3 plp at the back,
mang with kumkum,
no mirror for white car in 2nd pic,
2 bangles on her left hand in 2nd pic
i guess that the only differnce that i can figure out
urcrazy 2007-07-15T00:47:06Z *Equal bangles in right hand but diff no. of bangles in left one.
*Patterns in saree
*The no. of men in one pic is diff 4m other
*One has red bindi n other has black
*Light near the fence
*No. of plant pots
Glamorous 2007-07-14T20:35:06Z found .six..
design on saree
2nd 1 got 2 vases
in the bak one guy is missin..
she is wearing..more bangles in 2nd one
*bunnybear* 2007-07-14T20:14:33Z nice idea..i will participate...surely pm u lady
urber 2007-07-14T17:12:40Z nice contest.. i think i found the 8 diff.. i'll pm the answers!!
~NiKkY~ 2007-07-14T14:30:14Z oohhhhh cool contest i pm'd my awnsers the last ones were preaty hard to find!
manojisthebest 2007-07-14T13:25:01Z I am done did send my Private massage
Ambrosia 2007-07-14T13:14:07Z wow I won..Congos to otherz
I Pmed my answers :)
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