Contest of the week !

A brand new contest and answer to the last week contest. Check it out !

The correct answer of Last week Picture twister was Rohit Roy and chetan Hansraj  and we have chosen our winners randomly and here they are :

maha786,shaloz and andy

To tickle your brain cells even further we have new contest on the block. Let the Game Begin !


Get your eye sight get checked for free..YEs simple just start finding the Difference between these two Pictures.

Please send in your entries to
Note: A humble request: Please do not write down the entries here!
                   Hint: There are seven differences in all.


TellyBuzz Management Team.

Contest Idea: nishtha.

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Chetan Hansraj Thumbnail

Chetan Hansraj

Rohit Roy Thumbnail

Rohit Roy

Comments (15)

that was really easy, i found them in like 10 secs..

16 years ago

spots in jacket
In kurta,One has orange n other is white.I don't no whatever it is called.
mole or whatever it is on the cheek

16 years ago

great contest...... i like it !!

16 years ago

It's awesome idea Nish....gr8 Contest! I've tried to find as may dif. as I could.

16 years ago

Its really a good game... I'll play for sure.... :)

16 years ago

a good contest... i'll participate...

16 years ago

tht's cool, will try & congrats to the people who won!!! =p

16 years ago

wow gr8 congratulations to all da winners keep it up guys

16 years ago

i mus say dat dis is gr8 n congratz 2 all da winners...

16 years ago

one was that he did not have any kind of spots in his jacket and the girl she did not have any kind of necklace and the next pic is that they are both have stuff on


16 years ago

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