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Contest Of the Week!

We are here again for the contest crazy readers with a Twister Contest, along with the winners of last week's Spot the Difference.


Hello and Welcome friends with another week of fun and frolic here on Telly Buzz at the Contest Corner!! Once again, we are back with a bang with ..Odd one Out..!!! So, it's time to test your brain cells all over again!! However, before we proceed to this week's puzzle, lets applaud the last week's Contest Winners. We are really thankful to all the readers for the overwhelming response,we received more than 145 entries, ! Thank you all for participating and sending your entries. We all are highly greatful for the interest shown!:-

Answers of Last week contest were :

Two Plant Pots in the second picture,Shruti's Jeans are purple,Kamal has an earing in the second pic but not in the first pic,Parvati is missing a bracelet from her right hand in the second the pic
In the second pic, Parvati missing neclaces ,Shruti missing a couple of her bangles/bracelets,Parvati's blouse sleeve has a design .

and this Time we have decided to go with 8 Winners in all and they are :-
yummys, ~roshni~ ,ankuhujulover ,maha_prakriti,-krupa- ,karan neha4ever ,simplysmart,simran16

Congratulations to the Winners!!

Now lets see what we have in store for you all this week in...Picture Twister! Guidelines : by seeing the picture you have to identify the Channel Logos ,we have blurred ...Simple isnt it

Courtesy : <img alt="The image “http://www.india-forums.com/tellybuzz/images/uploads/A1E_COTWCHjp1.jpg” cannot

your entries to buzzingbees

Note : We read all the entries and winners are chosen randomly, keeping time difference in mind, please take it sportingly.You all are winners!!

Please do not Post your answers here , pm them at the Given Id

Concept and Author: Nishtha
Picture Credit : Shagun
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adoremevirgo 12 years ago ok, i hv all the answers now after thinking hard...
charliecate 12 years ago i can't figure out the last one.
congrats to all winners!!!
saahiba_4u 12 years ago i had also spotted all the diff last time but my name also missing
adoremevirgo 12 years ago I was right last time....but my name isnt there :(

anyway this time i cant make out the last one
..-Zaara-.. 12 years ago congratz to all da winnerz
itz not tht hard but i still cant figure out da 1st and last 1
pomegranate 12 years ago congrats to the winners!!!!!

this looks hard.
-Krupa- 12 years ago yay!..i won!..

i can figure out the first 3..not the bottom 3 though!
~*puja*~ 12 years ago Interesting... will have to figure it out before I pm my answers!
anku2cute 12 years ago yipeeee i won,..hehe

Ths one seemsss hard...dunno 1 or 2 of thm
bittersweet93 12 years ago congoz to all winners!!

hmm i have most of em but confused about a couple...lets see ;D
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