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Do you need to check your eyes for free, then come participate in our Weekly contest! Spot the Difference and Spot your Eye Count too!!


Hello and Welcome friends with another week of Masti, Magic and dhamaal here on Telly Buzz at the Contest Corner!! Once again, we are back with a bang with ..Spot The difference! so It's time to test your eye scores and look closely to spot all the differences of this week!! However, before we proceed to this week's puzzle, lets have Last week's Contest Results and Winners :-

Answers of Last week contest was:

"Rajshri Thakur because rest of the celebrities have participated in Reality shows"

And the winners are:

frenz4u,tsuvik,sweet honey,saahiba_4u,prishika,100%-princess,thegr8talha,

Congratulations to the Winners!!

Now time has come for another contest over the weekend.. Here is a comparitively tough contest coming your way..Are you ready for the challenge?

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Simple just start finding the 7 Differences between these two Pictures
your entries to buzzingbees


TellyBuzz management team.

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Rajshree Thakur Vaidya

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Mehak. 12 years ago Guyzz.. PLz don't post ur answers here... PM them to buzzingbees
Kajjal 11
Kajjal 11 12 years ago Shakta you forgot the sari women's bangle and also on her neck is a mole...

Your welcome:)
shakta 12 years ago I found six can you please lety us know about seventh one (1) pot (2) bangle (3) guys earings (4) pyjamais colour of girl (5)sari girl necklace (6) I do not know?
shakta 12 years ago one pot is gone!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kajjal 11
Kajjal 11 12 years ago What is going to happen if you find them all.
adoremevirgo 12 years ago i hv found all the differences and i hv sent the answers
Life_Is_Dutiful 12 years ago My name is there in the winers list.Thanx 4 that.This week's contest is real tough but will participate.
maha786 12 years ago well i got only 6 of them thx for the contest
nida_1990 12 years ago i can't believe all the seven differences
bittersweet93 12 years ago got six working on the seventh ;D
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