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Contest Of the Week!!

Here comes another Picture Twister! with new ADDED Twist ,Also check out the answers and winners of the Last Week's Contest!!


Hello and Welcome friends to another week of fun and frolic here on Telly Buzz at the Contest Corner!! Once again, we are back with a bang with ..Picture Twister! It's time to put on your specks and look closely to spot the Twister of this week!! However, before we proceed to this week's puzzle, lets have Last week's Contest Results and Winners :-

Answers of Last week contest was :
Smriti Irani - Mamta (from serial mamta), Baby (from baa bahu aur babu) and kajjal from kajjal are only actors but Smirti z Irani aka Tulsi is also a producer as she has produced "Viraasat" and "Thodi se zamin thoda sa aasman".!
This week we have only Two winners with us and they are..

yogesh_gaurip ,charita

Congratulations to the Winners!!

Now moving to Twister of all contests..but this time its Little Different,where you have to spot the Two Actors hidden behind this picture and also name the Show from where we have taken this Picture ...happy spotting.

To know the answer tune in to Telly Buzz Next week!
your entries to buzzingbees
All the Very Best!!

TellyBuzz management team.


Smriti Zubin Irani Mamta 

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desigrl27 12 years ago Kelly...u werent supposed 2 post answers here..same with KIZ ~ KS ~ KAYA.....Aisha, devilsangelny02 must have posted this here, but buzzzingbees is the person who is counting the votes.
kelly12 12 years ago ohhh i know the show is saat phere..and the two actors r Nahar and Saloni
sarbeshnp 12 years ago i know who they r

the pic is taken from the serial saat phere

nahar and saloni
India16.Anchal 12 years ago Great contest and people please don't post your answers here.
lali_lali 12 years ago i think that is saloni and nahar from saat phere.
Tomiko 12 years ago Hmm....I think I kno who it is....will PM answer ASAP!
~Simz~ 12 years ago do we send it to buzzingbees or devilsangelny02? it says PM to buzzingbees but when you click the pm icon it takes you to to pm post with devilsangelny02 already in the username...please clarify.

sharona_bha 12 years ago oh i know this this is my favourite serial and favourite actress.
pomegranate 12 years ago I know who they r but I can't send the answers :( i really wanted to answer :(
BC_Dropbox 12 years ago We regret the inconvenience caused,Mailbox is empty now ,so its our humble request please send the entries who did try to send in their before!

sorry again:(
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