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Contest of the Week: Trivia!

BollyCurry is back with an easier quiz; we've decided to test your knowledge of Bollywood actors on TV!

Welcome back to another round of trivia for the month of March! Last month, we tested your knowledge on BollyCurry articles and their writers. Concluding that our readers were not up for the challenge, we're back with an easier quiz; we've decided to test your knowledge of Bollywood actors on TV!

Ready? Drop your answers in the comments box below.
1) This actress promoted two different movies on CID:
(a) Name the actress.
(b) Name the two movies.
(c) Name the co-stars that appeared with her.

2) Name one TV show that the following actors have hosted:
(a) Anupam Kher
(b) Abhay Deol
(c) Amitabh Bachchan
(d) Salman Khan
(e) Shah Rukh Khan
(f) Aamir Khan
(g) Arshad Warsi
(h) Akshay Kumar
(i) Rohit Shetty
(j) Priyanka Chopra

3) Two Bollywood actors returned to the small screen in fiction shows that is still airing on TV.
(a) Who are the actors?
(b) What are the names of the shows?

4) These two celebrities appeared on Bigg Boss Season 7 and are now reportedly in a relationship. Who are they?

5)This couple have been in the news for the past couple of months due to their big debuts on fiction TV shows.
(a) Name the couple.
(b) Name the reported titles of the shows.

So while you get your answers all lined up, this BollyCurry writer signs off to choose a new trivia topic for next month's trivia quiz. Have fun and let's see how much you really know about Bollywood stars' TV projects!

Writer: Shreya S.
Editor(s): Alina S. and Jenifer Y.
Graphics: Marsh P.

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