Contest Of The Week - New Year Special

We are here again for the Contest crazy readers in the New Year.. Are you all ready for our IF ishtyle challenge?? Let's see..

Hello and Welcome friends with another week of fun and frolic here on Telly Buzz at the Contest Corner!! We are back with a bang with the outset of the New Year!! Now it's time to put on your specks and look closely to spot the Twister of this week!! However, before we proceed to this week's puzzle, let's have Last week's Contest Results and Winners. As we have taken longer duration to announce the winners, we are naming all the members with Correct entries.

::The answers of Diwali Dhamaka::

Saara Khan-Parul Chauhan, Mouni Roy-Sanjeeda Sheikh, Anand Suryavanshi-Shaleen Bhanoot

Winners of Diwali Dhamaka are

*Shruti* and Khushix

::The answers of Christmas Special are::

Up Block-Harshad Chopra, Angad Hasija
Down Block-Kinshuk Mahajan, Shabbir Ahluwalia

Winners of Christmas Special(who got recognized all the Santa's )are
jasmine chhabra, Alif52, nainashah, atitude gurl, sree, Melissa, karan.jh, Tanya_Sony, cute_unknown_fr, scorpio8990, hip-hop, trros


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Hearty Wishes to the Winners and siggy For you all
Now Let's move to This week's New Year Special Dhamaka!
: Identify the names of the serials hidden behind the scrambled words

1) ski shed inem iha rmea idl
2)gnuji ilcah rajalhand
3)lid ilm ygae
4)how henhr liaaw hnlmeo ik
5)onboa eimn irte nhludan
6)hdarma vree
your entries to buzzingbees
Please do not Post your answers here , pm them at the Given Id
Concept : Nishtha
Siggy , Banner, Author : Shagun

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Mouni Roy Thumbnail

Mouni Roy

SV Siddhaanth Surryavanshi Thumbnail

SV Siddhaanth Surryavanshi

Angad Hasija Thumbnail

Angad Hasija

Sanjeeda Shaikh Thumbnail

Sanjeeda Shaikh

Harshad Chopda Thumbnail

Harshad Chopda

Parul Chauhan Thumbnail

Parul Chauhan

Kinshuk Mahajan Thumbnail

Kinshuk Mahajan

K Mahajan Thumbnail

K Mahajan

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All the best and congrats HC!

13 years ago

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15 years ago

congrats to da winners..!!! thnx..!!

15 years ago

congrats to all winners ..........................................

15 years ago

congoo to all winnners ..
ayayay i won

15 years ago

congs to all wins this is very easy....... ?

15 years ago

congratz 2 the winners!
this is an easy one!

15 years ago

Congo to winners!!
2nd one is hard one.....

15 years ago

congrats 2 all winners
congrats sara n melss
all the best 2 all participants

15 years ago

easy contest.
pmed my answers.
congratz 2 d winners.

15 years ago

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