Class Resumes in Bigg Boss...

Payal turns Kathak teacher; Rahul confesses that he misses Monica; usual daily dose of bitching and much more in Bigg Boss today...

A fresh day at school for the housemates in Bigg Boss and the very first class is taken by the PT teacher, Ketki where all get to learn Yoga, where Sambhavna and Raja do not get along well with each other in the class.

Next was the poetry class taken by Ahsaan. Giving a lecture on ‘Equality of Religion’,  Ahsaan recited the poem, ' Kitne Chahe dharma Badal Do, Bhagvan Nahi Badlega… Mausam Ke Tevar Badlenge… Dinmaan Nahi Badlega’. All are asked to recite the poem, but Sambhavna decides to recite a totally different poem that she learnt in school.

During the recess break, Sambhavna and Rahul are caught chatting wherein they say that even though they were sweet, the fact was that they don’t like each other. After lunch, came the singing teacher who asks everyone to sing ‘Yeh Mere Pyaare Watan’…

Next is Payal’s turn to teach the housemates ‘Kathak’.. Sambhavna turns out to be a quick learner and this is followed with all dancing on the song 'Tumhe Jo Meine Dekha… Tumhe Jo Meine Jana…'

While Sambhavana and Ketki are bitching about Payal, Payal is seen talking to the camera and saying that she knows that Alina is bitching about her to everyone. Later Payal is seen bitching about Alina to Ashutosh. 

Payal & Rahul are taking a walk in the garden area and while they are talking, they say sorry to each other because of what ever happened between them in the past. Rahul requests her if she will help him in ironing his clothes. Rahul then confesses that he is missing Monica, also that Payal too is missing her to which Payal revolts.
After this, Payal goes to Ketki and tells her that Rahul was requesting her to iron his clothes. She also says that Rahul was saying that he is missing Monica and that, along with him Payal is also missing her lots. Payal tells Ketki that she didn't like this statement of Rahul and disagreed. 
Bigg Boss calls Zulfi, Ketki, Alina, Sambhavana and Payal inside the confession room one by one to express their feelings on being nominated.. To find out more, tune in to COLORS and watch Bigg Boss everyday at 10:00 pm

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Later Payal is seen bitching about Alina

i luv this sentence..LMAO
n why was sambhavana called she wasnt nominated
anyhoo i wish payal goes..she's sooo weird the head

15 years ago

hmm its gonna b an intresting episode

15 years ago

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