Mannara or Ayesha?: Nazila Sitashi's cryptic tweet adds fuel to Bigg Boss 17 drama

Who is Nazila Sitashi hinting at with her recet cryptic tweet.

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Ayesha, Nazila and Mannara

As the drama unfolds on Bigg Boss 17, the recent twist with Ayesha Khan's entry has stirred up controversy, revealing a shocking revelation about Munawar Faruqui's alleged two-timing. Munawar faced the heat as Ayesha disclosed the accusations, leading to an emotional response and apology on his part.

In the latest episode, Mannara Chopra and Ayesha Khan delved into Munawar's past, specifically discussing his ex-girlfriend, Nazila Sitashi.

This led to a heated confrontation between Munawar and Mannara, with the comedian expressing anger at bringing up his ex on the show. Nazila Sitashi, Munawar's ex, added to the unfolding drama with a cryptic tweet that seems to align with the recent episode's events. 

In her tweet, she wrote, "There are women that actually support women and women who pretend to support other women for male attention"

During Weekend Ka Vaar, Munawar faced criticism for his behaviour towards Mannara Chopra. Despite her expectations for Munawar to address their differences, he didn't take the initiative, leaving Chopra upset. In a confrontation with Ayesha Khan, Mannara accused her of entering the show using someone else's name, suggesting that Ayesha should have participated individually.

Munawar's reaction escalated the situation, leading to a tense moment where he pushed aside a glass bottle, resulting in an injury. Despite concerns from fellow contestants, Munawar continued to express his anger towards Mannara.

Nazila Sitashi tweet

Several housemates, including Arun Mashettey, Isha Malviya, and Samarth Jurel, sided with Mannara, arguing that Ayesha should be prepared for discussions related to Munawar, given the basis of her entry.

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