Chit-Chat with the eternal jodi, Suman and Rajeev

One on One with the lead jodi from Star One's Saathi Re - Suman and Rajeev - as they share their lives, experiences and much more!

Star One's famous show, Saathi Re, is not only very popular but is also credited for being different and fresh adding to the channel's popularity.
Our reporter goes down to the sets of Saathi Re to have a little chit-chat with its two young protagonists, Parakh Madan who portrays the role of the beautiful Suman and Aamir Dalvi who plays the sweet and honest Rajeev.
Here is a extraordinary chit chat with the lead jodi as they answer questions regarding the show, their experience, their jodi and very special messages for the India-Forums members accompanied by their contact details!
She is beautiful, talented and ready to establish herself in the Television industry. She plays the role of the sweet and understanding 'Suman' in Saathi Re. We are talking about none other than the very talented actress - Parakh Madan! Read on for an exclusive interview with the pretty lass.

1. How did u get the role of Suman?

I was in Mumbai for a contest for the Savvy Cover Girl. As soon as I won that contest, I got a call and was called for audition. My hometown is and at that time I was severely ill with chicken pox. I told them about my condition but they agreed to wait till I recovered. I then came and auditioned for it and I was Bang On for this role of Suman.

2. How has the experience been in Saathi Re?

Its almost 10 months now since it started. It has been an amazing learning experience for me. I am not from this industry so I do not have anyone in this industry. I do not even have a professional training in acting. I am a Kathak dancer and have given many a performances on stage. So stage dancing had been my only exposure till then. I always loved to act , but being in , the chances are limited. In , we see more of theatre activities. So this journey to tellydom has really been amazing. I started from scratch. I have some wonderful co-actors and colleagues. Saathi Re is my baby, I was nothing and knew nothing prior to Saathi Re. Today I am so much into Suman that even before the situation is laid out to me, I know exactly how Suman would react to it.

3. Any embarrassing moment on the sets?

Yes, there was a scene where I am being dragged out of the house. Actually I slipped as i was being taken out, my head banged on the staircase and the shoot was stopped for a while. I was really embarrassed because I tripped and fell and created chaos there.

4. How’s your off-screen chemistry with Aamir Dalvi?

Its really amazing. I have done the maximum number of scenes with him. We share great chemistry and I have learnt a lot from him. We work together day in and day out so we tend to ask for favours and help. He is very helpful and helps me get the right emotions and expressions in scenes. I respect him a lot, he is my best friend on the set.

5. Your take on Suman - Rajeev as a Jodi?

They rock, there is no jodi like theirs onscreen. Offscreen, we are the best of buddies. We are very compatible with each other. This reflects onscreen too.

6. How much do you relate to Suman in real life?

I am totally different to Suman. There is no similarity at all between Parakh and Suman. Suman is a complete introvert, always clad in sarees. I am the youngest kid in my family so I am totally pampered. You can never spot me around wearing a salwar kameez. I just cannot be like that. Even when I enter the shoot spot, I look like a tomboy. But the minute I change into a sari and put makeup, I see myself as Suman.

7. Your take on the current storyline, with Rajeev having another wife in Zenaab?

This is a very interesting story track. The drama is going to keep the audience glued. The way the screenplay and scenarios are dealt with is really commendable. I can say that, this phase in Saathi Re is the Crescendo. This is the best phase of Saathi Re. Lots of drama is in store, but I am sure that the creatives will always remember that the audience will love to see Suman and Rajeev as a Jodi.

8. If you were in Suman’s place, would u have married Rajeev or Prem?

This is a very difficult situation. The values with which I have been brought up is different from Suman’s. I am a complete rebel, I will never get married without any reason. So I think I would have never got married to Rajeev in the first case. Only Suman could do that.

9. Do u believe in Kundali? What is your take on this aspect of the story?

Not really, nobody in my family believes in Kundali and astrology. But I believe in destiny, what is destined, will happen someday or the other...

10. What are your plans for the future?

I would love to do good work, learn with every passing day. Incase, Saathi Re winds up one day, I will look forward to do better work. My aim will be to keep my fans happy and promise to deliver what is expected of me.

11. What is your dream role?

I am a trained Kathak Dancer, so any film based on a dancer’s life. A historical film, ideally a flick by Sanjay Leela Bhansali where the script is written around a classical dancer.

12. If you were not an actor, then what would you have been?

I would have then found a profession in Fashion designing. I have graduated in it, so I would certainly be doing that.

13. Your message to your Fans in IF?

Incase, I am ever unable to deliver a performance to the viewer’s expectations, then they are welcome to get back to me and give me a feedback. I am welcome to any kind of suggestions because at the end of the day, the viewers are the ones who make you. So it will be nice to know from them, as to where I stand.

14. Your contact details.

My fans can write to me in this mail id - [email protected]

He is hot and he is cool. We are talking about the sweet and loving Rajeev from Saathi Re played by the fresh face in the industry, Aamir Dalvi. Keep reading to catch a special talk with this young actor.
1. How did you get the role of Rajeev?

I was doing a role in Jab Love Hua, this is where the production house noticed me. I had to go through the auditions and I then got the role.

2. How has the experience been in Saathi Re?

The experience has been really nice so far. This is the first time I am playing a lead role in a daily soap. It includes lot of hard work, long hours, it means responsibility of carrying the show on your shoulders. At times, we tend to get a flak feeling, where we feel like acting for the heck of doing it. But I know that we protagonists are the pillars of the show, so if we show attitude, then the show will fall flat. I have very good friends on the sets, many are seasoned actors, who help out when needed. There are many new actors too, who are confident and very eager to learn. Few are even younger to me, but it is so nice to see them being so dedicated and motivated. Overall, it is nice to work in such an atmosphere..

3. Any embarrassing moments on the sets?

There was a scene when I had to carry Parakh to the hospital. I was on the run, did not realize that her head banged on the door. I was so much into the scene that I did not even realize that I had to stop the shoot and see how she is. What made it worse was that, it was just the 2nd day of shoot with her. I had injured a person who is so delicate, beautiful and sweet. This was really embarrassing.

Another scene that I can think of is, Monalika who plays Zenaab was to faint on the floor. I had to run to her and take her in my arms even before she falls to the ground. This was the scene. It was a running shot, she was almost falling down, I was on the run, I was there to hold her before she fell. But the next second, I was on the ground, I had fallen flat, along with her. I tried to pick her, to hold her, but I never did realize that she would be so heavy. It was a really funny scene, the scene was emotional, all were crying. When this happened, when all saw both of us on the ground, all broke into laughter and the scene was really embarrassing for me..

4. How’s your off-screen chemistry with Parakh Madan?

Its fantastic, I would say. She needs to be pampered a lot, as she is young in age. She is sweet, compatible, a very shrewd learner, she has improved leaps and bounds in her acting capability. We gel so well offscreen, this is one reason why the working atmosphere gets so nice. When you are pretty confident about the person you are working with, then that shows in your acting, we tend to get better with every scene. There is no limitation, no hindrance, when both of us are open to discussions and feedback, the result is really better.

5. Your take on Suman_Rajeev as a Jodi?

Nothing can be better than the two of them. They are the cutest jodi at the moment. They are awesome together , they create a different spark altogether when they are around

6. How much do u relate to Rajeev in real life?

The one thing I don’t relate to is Patience. Rajeev is so very cool and composed. But Aamir is very short tempered and moody. You should be asking my costars about my mood swings, they will have stories to say. I am the worst person to be around when I am not in good mood. But when I am high in spirit, then there can be nobody better than me, I am there to entertain people, I am real fun to be with when I am in good mood.

Apart from this, u can see Rajeev always in formals. But Aamir is always in jeans and t-shirts. I always love wearing a casual wear. I dress up formally only when it is required, for weddings and other things..

7. Your take on the current storyline, with Rajeev having another wife in Zenaab? Is this really true? What is going to happen in future?

I would only say Keep watching…The audience is surely in for a shock, but remember one thing. Rajeev would not disappoint his audience. U need to watch it to understand the intricacies of the story that is coming. If you watch it, you will surely understand the truth behind it… The story is really going to be interesting, so keep watching.

8. Do u believe in Kundali? What is your take on this aspect of the story?

I don’t believe in it at all. I do not want to know my future. My policy is Take everyday as it comes…

9. What are your plans for the future?

I want to graduate to films. I don’t have any offers as yet. I am very busty with shoots, I have literally no time to run about meeting people. But I would never leave TV, will keep doing TV , come what may.

10. If not an actor then what would you have been?

A flight person. Even though I can see myself doing this job, I am sure I would not have got the same smile on my face , as I have today. Acting is the job that gives a smile to my face. Even after long hours of work, the fulfillment of delivering a good job is the nicest feeling and I love it..

11. Any message to your fans on IF?

I love you all for loving Rajeev so much. Its indeed great to know that many love me for what I am. My message to all is: Be Happy, otherwise, nobody around you will be happy.

12. Your contact details:

I would love to directly associate with my fans. My Id is: [email protected]

Their powerful jodi sure works its magic on its audience! We wish to see more of this talented couple in the show as we wish them all the very best.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh

Contact Author: Srividya Rajesh, virgo_stars

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great article. is this article real? my mom and myself love your pair but you pairing with zenab has brought lot of changes. i cant believe to where story is heading. please remain the suman-rajiv jodi otherwise i am have to stop seeing your serial.

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