Chirpy Saloni on Perfect Bride!

To add a funny touch to the drama getting concocted on Star Plus’ Perfect Bride, chirpy Saloni Daini arrives!


Saloni Daini took everyone in the house of Star Plus' Perfect Bride on a rollicking, hilarious roller-coaster ride!

According to our source, "Saloni once again proved that she is truly a little bundle of joy. She enters the stage in her famous Gangubai avatar. She kept everyone entertained with her side splitting performance as a Panditji while giving her 'teekhi tippani' on relationships. The audience also loved her flawless rendition of Amitabh Bachchan from Deewar and rewarded her with a thunderous applause!"

Saloni not just gifted everyone with a smile on their face but more than that. Says our source, "Saloni presented every Kunwar with a gift in her own unique style". The source further adds, "Little Saloni was not in a mood to spare anyone from her wisecracks and that was quite evident as she told Shekhar Suman every time he came on stage - Shekhar ji Malaika aur Amrita ka haath mat pakadna!., which had everyone rolling down with gregarious laughter."

Apparently many interesting events have been happening in the Perfect Bride household. To begin with, two people have openly expressed their love. Says the source, "Rumpa tells openly to Gaurav that she loves him! And on the other hand Hitesh confesses his love to Pooja."

Also Priyanka seems to be falling deeper in trouble as she bags the 'Perfect bride of the week' title for the third consecutive time. Says our source, "Since Priyanka has been given the power to eliminate a guy this week, the behavior of everyone in the house towards her has changed. For one, Hitesh's mother expresses her hurt sentiments over Priyanka's decision of including Hitesh amongst the bottom three boys who stand to get eliminated. Priyanka reverts by blaming Hitesh's mom of playing politics in the house. This leads to a major argument between them."

The source adds, "Seems like even when Priyanka is not involved she is dragged into issues just because of the contempt others have developed for her. When Shekhar questioned Swati on her decision of not fasting for karva chaut she replied saying- Main Priyanka  Jaisi Nahin Hoon."

However Priyanka is not at all paying heed to the fuss but only concentrating on her love for Rajbeer. Says the source, "Priyanka got questioned by the panelists regarding her love for Rajbeer and how she is taking things after Rajbeer's father out rightly disapproved their relationship and asked him to consider other options. Priyanka clearly counters this by saying that she really likes him and would want to still take things forward with him, regardless of what has happened."

So which eligible boy does Priyanka choose to eliminate?  Watch all the drama on Star Plus' Perfect Bride at 10 pm on Saturday.


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Debo_Afghan 10 years ago You Rocks Priyanka. I am glad she stand up for her right.
dare.devil 10 years ago lol cola_gul ....no its not only u..tonsssss of us hate priyanka...
min121 10 years ago I hate hate hate priyanka... I seriously dont understand what makes people think that they should vote for priyanka as perfect bride.....dont you see any other girl in the house except priyanka...she is very cunning, she is rude, she is over confident and thinks that coz rajebber had crush on her she cant get eliminated from the show....i think the MIL's should throw her out of the house....i m sick n tired of watching her PWOTW over n over again....its so boring and not cool at all....plzzzzzzzzzz I request people...if you think no other girl is deserve to become PBOTW... then please dont vote dont waste your money ...atleast we would be able to see some change in PB in this way...
cola_gul 10 years ago i think im the only one who doesnt think priyanka is the perfect bride.
sippy_a 10 years ago love u priyanka..!!
Raj and U rock!
love pribir
Osprisshow 10 years ago love u priyanka..!!
Raj and U rock!
love pribir
we r true pribirianz..!!
yyyy 10 years ago That's the spirit Priyanka...and why is hitesh mom complaining..when she had the power of eliminating girls did these girls behave in the same manner..poor gal among 5 she is forced to select 3 so she might have included Hitesh...
Khushi. 10 years ago Go Priyanka go...u rock..we all know this..and we all will continue voting for you...cuz u deserve it..
karanluvskristu 10 years ago yippeeee..m da happiest person on earth...n da guts to speak da truth regarding watz going on in da house is applaudable....but i was juss wondering if hitesh n rumpa confessed their feeling..y dint rajbeer??????n gulabo now i hate u more....
karanpatellover 10 years ago hey... wt r u all sayin? raj's dad insultd her... areeh.. no .. i din feel anythn lik dt... he ws jus clearin his views n dats it...

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