Chhote Ustaad Kids get grumpy on sets...

Voice of India Chhote Ustaad introduces a new face into the competition as a Challenger. But the already existing kids have expressed their displeasure and are animated in their protests. Find out how...

The Chhote Ustaads of Star Voice of India were found to be very grumpy on the sets. The kids, who are usually very animated and mischievous, when asked what was bothering them, expressed their displeasure about a new challenger being introduced into the show at such a late stage. In form of protest they have decided to sport black wrist bands. Will the entry of this new Challenger dampen the spirit of the kids?

We got in touch with Anupama Mandloi, Senior Creative Head, Star Plus for further details and she said, “It is natural that the kids are upset about the entry of a new singer into the competition at this stage. They feel it is quite unfair. But we look at the situation in a different perspective as we are doing this to expose them to new challenges and make them more perfect and competent.”

About the new challenger to be introduced Anupama says, “The Chhote Ustaad kids have reached a stage wherein they have gained immense popularity and audience appreciation. In future when they sing in public, they will face myriad challenges and all might not be as smooth as it is here for them. Hence we decided to give them an acid-test by introducing a new challenger.So let's see whether they can give their best shot here.”

And who will this new Challenger be? A fresh face or one of the older contestants? “Well we have had a team who went in search for singers all across India”, says Anupama. “The team selected five of the best singers who will perform before the Judges of Voice Of India. The judges will then select one challenger who will enter the contest," adds Anupama.

So as we wait with bathed breath to have a glimpse of the one 'lucky' Challenger, we hope that the Chhote Ustaads of the show wake up to the new challenge set before them, and give their best shot...

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Melanie

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stupid show. i'm glad i stopped watching it a long time ago.

16 years ago

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16 years ago

It is just a way to bring more votes-money thru new faces-challenger. Money making idea by GS and VOI team.

They have already milded existing contestants. DOn't blame these kids from being upset. But it is inevitable for this musical reality based shows where voting is involved.

Good luck to all the kids they have worked very hard to be where they are.

16 years ago

poor kids, what a way to torture them.........

16 years ago

i dont like chhote ustaad bakwas show i really like saregamapa on zee tv rock show.dum show chhote ustaad

16 years ago

hey itz bad for those who r still in competation

16 years ago

Gajji thinks viewers are fools. Does he seriously wants us to think this is a real drama being done by the kids.

Come now this challenger part was known for past many weeks. The kids knew about it as it was being announced repeatedly on the show by Abhaas. And he wants us to believe they came to know now and so going with the black bands.

And do we have to swallow that Gajji will allow the kids to do such himself!!! Please Gajji..... Have a heart. Doing all such nautanki with the elder series was fine but leave these poor kids. Don't play with the careers and emotions of kids just for the sake of TRP of your show.

16 years ago

Never liked the challenger concept... Just like, have never supported any wild card entries too!

I think, its not fair to current batch of kids, the eliminated kids and even the challenger.. He/she can never create a fan base so soon... We all know what happened to Neil and Burkha in NB3...

Not fair!

16 years ago

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