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Chhavi Mittal hits the big screen with her two lucky charm

Chhavi Mittal makes her debute in Sahara Motion Picture's Kaisay Kahen along with her husband - Mohit Hussein, her two lucky charms. Read on to find out more...

Published: Monday,Aug 27, 2007 10:58 AM GMT-06:00
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Long disappeared from Indian Television, Chhavi Mittal is back in show bizz, but this time, Chhavi decides to hit the big screen. Post her exit from Zee’s Tumhari Disha, which made her internationally famous, Chhavi Mittal decided to give her luck another shot by hitting the big screen. She recently made her debut in Sahara Motion Pic’s Kaisay Kahen. Kaisay Kahen was directed by none other than her husband Mohit Hussein. Sahara and Mohit seem to be her lucky charm for her debut launch.
Ironically, when Chhavi set foot in the small screen industry, she was given a break by Sahara Motion Pictures, and her director was none other than Mohit Hussein himself. "Yeah coincidentally my debut in television and films has been with Mohit and Sahara Motion Pictures. I guess I have been very lucky to work with someone I am very comfortable with and a good production house to back me. " says Chhavi.
We definitely saw Chhavi hit it off well on Indian Television, so will lady luck strike twice now? Sahara One Motion Picture’s and Smita Thackery’s Siddhesh Productions’ - Kaisay Kahen might just make her the Disha of the big screen.

Kaisay Kahen
might not be the movie of the year, but giving Chhavi’s performance a shot, wouldn’t be a bad idea. So Catch Kaisay Kahein, already in theaters, starring two new comers Rajveer Dutt and Neha Jhulka, with ofcourse the beautiful and charismatic - Chhavi Miital

Chhavi Mittal

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hello98 16 years ago Any further news as to how this film is doing...would like to know...thanks.
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hello98 16 years ago Luck doesnt very often strike twice...she was lucky with Tumhari Disha and indeed that was a beautiful show...there have been hundreds of hit tele serials in the last several years but TD was exceptional in my opinion...Chavvi messed it in the end thinking that well she is popular and will have no problems in continuing her career as a star but she didnt realise that it was Disha who was loved and not her own self...and there will never be another Disha.
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ShellyB 16 years ago Omg wen da film came n went didnt even realise i dun rmvr seeing it ne cinema listing over here in UK or seeing ne promo's of da film i even came accros da OST by mistake n it wasnt ne gud :S well what can i say xcept ermmmmmmm wot film??? wot debut??? lolssssssssss
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hello98 16 years ago By the way why is she Mittal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Neetusxm 16 years ago she was really good in TD lets see how the big screen treats her... gr8 article
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-Ami- 16 years ago Thanks..
Can't wait to watch her movie..
I really liked her in Tumhari Disha..
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-Kash- 16 years ago Great article...like that pic of hers!
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aisha_95 16 years ago wow.. thanks for sharing .. I really missed her drama , Tumhari Disha :(
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-Krupa- 16 years ago thankss!..i have seen in a few shows but just little roles!..can't wait to watch her movie!
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hello98 16 years ago Hi No1TD fan ...so nice to see you here...miss TD so much...there can never be another soap like it.
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