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Cheenti Cheenti Bite Bite

Actor Aamir Khan's enumerates a wierd night with ants.

Published: Sunday,Oct 19, 2008 13:59 PM GMT-06:00
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Cheenti Cheenti Bite Bite
These days the super star Aamir Khan is very much tied up with his upcoming movie ‘Ghajini’ and secondly his debut direction ‘Taare Zameen Par’ is nominated for Oscars. In such a situation, it’s hard for his fans to get a grip of him. However, yesterday at
6.50am the actor droved himself to blog. The real honors for this treat are ‘Ants’. Yes ants, the actor had a itchy night with ants and that too at his home.
The actor  blogs “ Hey! Where have y’all been!!! Ok, ok. I know I deserve to get my butt kicked. So this story should make you feel better. Few days ago I had a very bad night. After a long day at work, went to bed at around 3am. Couple hours later, deep in sleep I had this vague feeling of being bitten on my ear.
Gradually I was being bitten on my stomach, legs, neck. I was so sleepy that I just kept cursing, scratching, turning and tossing. Finally it got really unbearable, and I kind of woke up…… TO SEE MY BED FILLED WITH ANTS! There were hundreds of them! Crawling all over and giving me hell. I’m feeling scratchy all over just recounting it. Had to jump under the shower and then went and crashed on my couch.
Can’t figure out for the life of me how they got there and why? I guess they found something really sweet on that bed, and since Kiran was out on a night shoot I am assuming it was me. Isn’t it amazing how ants find their way to the most unlikely of places.
I’m watching the sky turn colour as the sun rises. Returning after another night of work. Back home and into my bed. No ants today I hope. Maybe I should dig a moat round my bed."

Well Aamir, digging a moat will get more tedious and time consuming too. Better contact a pest control and get rid of it at earliest.



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