Chavi's Chic choices !

Unlocking the chabbi of her favourites. Chavi Mittal tells us her maan pasand cheezein!

Tumhari Disha will always remain in our hearts for Disha's simplicity and pure innocence! Her current serial on air, called Virassat, too is giving her some good reviews. Here, we have a tête-a-tête with Disha's protagonist, Chavi Mittal, who spills a few secrets for us and gives us her takes on her favourites...
Day of the Week: Sunday
Season: Rainy

Story From Childhood: Hansel and Gretel

Weekend Activity: Catching a good movie.

Channel: Star World

Magazine: Readers Digest

Sport: Swimming

Cake: Chocolate Troufle
Number: 4

Yummm!!! Chocolate troufle! I am sure many would love her more for that choice and wish to share it with her one day !


So that was the sweet and sexy Chavi Mittal sharing some of her exclusive preferences! Do stay tuned for more exclusive pasands coming to you next week on this very special column, Pasand Apni Apni.

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Comments (6)

wow what a short interview.
lol she read hansel and grettel?
i heard of it.. didn't read it in my childhood.

15 years ago

Hope to see her in a new show soon.

16 years ago

shes sooo beautiful!!!!! i miss her in TD!

16 years ago

thnks so much! finally a more subtle n proper article on i like chocolate truffle as well!

yea...we'll all remember her as the swet n simple Disha!

16 years ago

good piece. thanks. People will always remember her as sweet and simple Disha.

16 years ago

Great Article!!
Enjoyed reading this!

16 years ago

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