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Chavi Mithal Back to Cast her Spell on Viewers!!

Chavi Mithal, the actress with a Beautiful Smile is now Back with a Bang... Get to know more about her future projects!!


Chavi, who shot to instant fame with her serial ‘Tumhari Disha’ was off the TV circuit for a long time. She is now back with a Bang and has bagged some great roles in her kitty. The actress who took a long break after her marriage with Mohit Hussain, currently directing the popular Zee serial ‘Kasamh Se’, is now back and can be seen playing the grey character of Nikki , in Star One’s Viraasat. After her comeback , the actress has also done cameo in the serial Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyaan , where she played Bhavishya’s love interest , Preeti.

Also , next week the actress will make a special appearance in Star One’s Antakshari to support her Zone in the much-awaited Grand Finale .

But apart from all this, what has really kept Chavi going is her entry in Sab’s Left Right Left. Rumour has it , that Chavi’s character is called Nandini and she happens to be Rajveer’s(Rajeev Khandelwal) ex-girlfriend, who will be playing the role of an inhouse etiquette consultant, who teaches Cadets manners. Her presence will create a lot of friction between Rajveer and Abhimanyu(Gaurav Chopra) on the show.

So lets find out from the star herself what she has up her sleeves……………

You had a long break after Tumhari Disha.. So how did you spend time ? What did you do to keep yourself busy?

Chavi: I did Twinkle Beauty Parlour for 4 months. Then i was on a 6 months break..I did few ads, thats it. I deliberately took a break from daily shows... I then did a cameo in my husband Mohit's directorial debut.. The film name is Kaise Kahe.

Did u miss acting on tv?

Chavi: Not really, The break was called for... Well deserved... I was working for 2 1/2 years every single day. I was literally tired of daily soaps..Now that i am back, I am fresh with a longing to do more good stuff. Its a nice feeling to be back. I have come back now with Full interest.

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Tell us about your projects after the break?

Chavi: My role in Ghar i Lakshmi Betiyaan was a cameo, it was over in 3 episodes..

In Viraasat, my role is very interesting. I have a chance to do new things.In the past, i played the main lead. Here as Nikki, my look is totally different. My body language is different. Also i am not a very bad character... I have to be nasty and there is a thin line that seperates a negative guy from a person being bad for a reason.. So i feel my character is totally justified.

I am getting good reviews , so that makes me happy. I am really enjoying my role.. The track is shaping up well. There are lots of things to do as an actor, playing the role of Nikki, so i am looking forward to that..

How different is the role of Nikki from the romantic , caring role of Disha?

Chavi: This role too has a bit of romance. But Disha was totally different. She was a very nice person, a very good daughter, a very good wife.. A girl who all would admire.. This role of Nikki is a mixture , with grey shades to it.. So this is really fascinating.

Tell us about your role in LRL? Have you started shooting?

Talks have been happening... I have not signed anything as of now. So i cannot say anything. Yes, i have been approached , that is a fact. But nothing has come out to the paper level, so its better not to talk of it before you sign and enter the shooting spot..

But i am excited about the track... According to the script, that is also a different kind of character.. So if i do it, then i will playing two extreme roles... My character in LRL is a positive character.. But let us see how it works out.. Will surely inform you all if i sign it..

You were shown in the promo of Star One's Antakshari.. So how was it being a part of the Grand Finale ?

Chavi: I loved being a part of Antakshari. It was a Very nice experience..I spent a lot of days, in the shooting as well as audition... I had a great time.

You once made it to the Antakshari... So your memories on that....

Yes, i was a contestant somewhere in 1999-2000. It was a very good experience , I had the nerves and jitters like a school girl has before exams.. Tough days of auditions, i had a wonderful time even then...

What was it coming back to the same stage?

I was delighted to get back.. The crew and the team are the same.. nothing has changed in Antakshari.. It was a nice emotional moment for me to get back to the place where i had been many years back. All remembered me and i had fond memories of my past.

Well, now that this beautiful actress is at work, we certainly hope that she is here to stay and wont disappear from tellydom for a long time. So here's wishing the lady with a wonderful smile, Chavi, the best of luck in her futuer endeavours..

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Writer: Remixrulz
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