Changing name is not proving a smooth ride for Arushi Mehta!

People still think her name to be Neha Mehta and getting confused her with being an actress with the same name.

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Changing one's name has never been easy for a person and actress Arushi Mehta who had recently changed her name from Neha Mehtaa to Arushi, is currently facing the same situation. The pretty actress is currently facing difficulties as people are getting confused and are thinking that she is some other actress named Neha Mehtaa.

Arushi, who was last seen in Sahara One's Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai is bugged by being questioned by the people about her wedding as they are confusing her with Neha Mehta who got married recently whereas Arushi has changed her name from Neha to Arushi. We tried to dig deep into this name confusion trouble which Arushi is facing and spoke to her about the same.

Arushi told TellyBuzz, "I have changed my name from Neha Mehta to Arushi Mehta and Neha Mehta has recently got married and people are having a misconception that I have got married. I need to clear it out here that I am not married and it's not a right time for me that I should comment whether I am in a relationship or not. Whenever the right time will come, I will definitely let everybody know about it. I don't have any plans to get married in the next few years as well as I will be busy with my movie projects."

She further adds, "I am getting so many calls from people asking me about my marriage and they are congratulating me. They do not even believe on me about my change of name. Right now I am totally focusing on my career. Earlier I just ignored but now the number of calls I am getting and being questioned by the people is troubling me." 

We hope your problem gets resolved soon, Arushi!

Anwesha Kamal

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