Chandni Sharma, aka Arshi, from Star Plus show Jhanak, gives us an insight about her character

Chandni Sharma, who essays the character of Arshi in Star Plus' show Jhanak speaks about her character in the show.

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Chandni Sharma

Star Plus is known to deliver extraordinary content and venture into unexplored territory, and now continuing the spree Star Plus has brought its audience a new show, Jhanak. In the show, Hiba Nawab will be seen essaying the titular role of Jhanak, along with Krushal Ahuja, aka Anirudh, as the main protagonist and Chandni Sharma will essay the character of Arshi.

Looking at its interesting and captivating story, Jhanak is the tale of a young girl who dreams of being a dancer but paves her journey through many hardships. Jhanak overcomes all challenges to achieve her aspirations, but a tragedy strikes her family and her world crumbles. Anirudh enters Jhanak's life only to cross paths again, where Jhanak is introduced to Arshi, Anirudh's life partner. With the story moving forward, it will turn out that Jhanak and Arshi are connected which will further complicate the equations between them.

Chandni Sharma, who essays the role of Arshi in the Star Plus show Jhanak shares, "I think I was the last person to be cast from the show, among others. When I was informed about the character of Arshi, I was intrigued by it and instantly decided to give it a nod, and I was finalized for the role of Arshi. Arshi is a girl from today's generation and will be relatable as she is ambitious. Arshi has a varied range of layers to her characters, and with every given situation, the audience will get an opportunity to witness the different emotions of Arshi. Arshi and I are similar in real life; we are both ambitious and passionate about dance. I do relate to Arshi at a certain level, and this is the beauty of an actor; you get a chance to portray even those qualities and emotions that you do not possess in real life.''

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I was thinking she would be the new vixen but Malini won't be a surprise since it's recycling old shows as new story. LOL

3 months ago

So, you are saying she is the new "Malini" of the town??? Jhanak is nothing but Imlie season 1 remake. So, Arshi is the new name for Malini!!! LOL, Mahan Star Plus and their mahan remakes

3 months ago

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