Chand Jalne Laga: Dev & Tara get married, Dev asks Tara to leave

In the upcoming episodes of Colors TV's show Chand Jalne Laga, Dev and Tara will be seen tying the knot.

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Kanika Mann and Vishal Aditya Singh

Colors TV's show Chand Jalne Laga starring Vishal Aditya Singh and Kanika Mann has been keeping the audience hooked with its current track. The story outlines the extraordinary journey of two childhood sweethearts, who once were each other’s sanctuary, but the cruel hand of fate pulls them apart. As the age-old wisdom goes, 'Love is the fire that kindles the heart,' 'Chand Jalne Laga' is that blazing fire, promising to be the most passionate love story of the year. The show is produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Swastik productions. 

In tonight’s episode, Ronak discovers Mr. Malik's true identity as Dev. Tara escapes through a broken window with Badshah to help Dev. She finds Dev embedded in a wall and tries to release him. Later, Tara urges Dev to complete the marriage. Dev does not believe Tara and tells her that she wants to marry him just to reclaim the mansion.

In the upcoming episode of the show, Deva and Tara get married. For the vidaayi ceremony, Tara, and Dev visit Tara’s house, however, everyone gets upset with Tara and leave. Deva tells Tara that if she cries, he won't take her with him. Holding her tears back, Tara completes her vidaayi rituals by herself.  However, Dev forces Tara to cry by reminding her of her father. Tara sheds tears and Dev leaves her alone. Later, Farwari brings Tara home and Dev asks Tara to leave. 

Are you excited for the upcoming track of Chand Jalne Laga? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Iam So Excited About The Upcoming Episodes.
Poor Tara Dev Is Taking Revenge But At The Wrong Person.
At Least They Are Finally Married.

4 months ago

Badhla guy is back🤞

4 months ago

Congralutation guyz Deva took her first revenge. Tara really needs to take her Gulaboo avatar. Jago Tara Jaago!

4 months ago

Badhla guy ka pehla badhla 🥳

4 months ago

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