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Challengers declare war on our Chhote Ustaads...

Challengers perform in VOI Chhote Ustaad, One of the five Challengers makes it to the show; Judges demand for eliminated contestants to be called back. Catch all the action...

Published: Friday,Feb 08, 2008 10:04 AM GMT-07:00
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After visible animosity, anxiety & anger that was expressed by the Chhote Ustaad finalists – Prakriti Giri, Anvesha Dattagupta, Vyom Kapoor, Aishwarya Majumdar and Sonia Sharma- this Friday’s episode of Amul Star Voice of India Chhote Ustaad will take a new turn as the judges demand that the eliminated contestants from the show be called back if a Challenger is being brought into the show. The stage is set to resemble a boxing ring as the five Challengers join the musical fight!

Challengers declare war on our Chhote Ustaads...
Unperturbed & confident, our very own Chhote Ustaads turn the situation around by lighting up the competitive spirit with their extraordinary performances with Hum Bhi Hai Josh Mein (Josh). This further fuels drama as the judges declare their verdict by openly announcing that, “The five challengers should remain in the show, only if they can match the benchmark of excellence in singing displayed by the Chhote Ustaads at this point in the show.” They add, “If anyone weaker than the Chhote Ustaads has entered the competition, than they would only stand to be disappointed.”

Each challenger is pitied against a Chhote Ustaad. To be introduced first on the show is the Challenger from Amritsar, Lakshaya. He challenges Vyom. Undettered, Vyom spats that he is ready to take up Lakshya’s challenge and would beat him hands down with his singing. Vyom stands under the tight spot but unfortunately goes to Scaryland.

Challengers declare war on our Chhote Ustaads...
The second challenger Rigved calls out on the wonder talent Aishwarya. Aishwarya says that she will ban his entry on the show with her singing. She stands under the tight spot only to be in Fairyland, so much so that she is also announced the highest vote winner of the week!

The third Challenger, Nishtha calls out for an open fight with Soniya. To which the Haryanavi gal counters that she will send Nishtha off packing. However, to everyone’s dismay, this talented & bindaas contestant comes into Scaryland. After which the fourth Challenger Rudraksh throws up the challenge to Prakriti. Paarth, the fifth Challenger challenges Anwesha.

Second only to Rigved will be Rudraksh, who charms his way to everyone’s heart with his stunning performance of Soni de Nakhre. Shaan flattered by his innocence asks him to work on his sur. At this Pritam feels nostalgic about little Abeer and Mansi. After chosing the Challenger, Shaan warns him to sing his best, since one good performance against Chhote Ustaad is not the barometer of their talent!

Will these challengers prove to be a threat to our Chhote Ustaads? Will they survive through the competition? Or will the judges succeed in getting back the eliminated contestants??? Who will make it to the SUPER SIX and who will be shown the doors?

Watch out for all the emotional twist & drama, as competition goes manifold on Amul Star Voice of India CHHOTE USTAAD this Friday, 8th February, 10 pm only on STAR PLUS!
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AngelsEyes @angels_eyes 15 years ago he should have listing to the doctor
hope his knee will get better soon
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loverboy260 @loverboy260 16 years ago it doesnt matter when he do this, his work would have suffered. he didnt go before because of work yet now he is going because of his health.

My point is that he should have just gone before as no matter what, he would have had to take a break from work, its just a matter of WHEN.
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Aisha @flowertot 16 years ago kehte hain ke jaan hai to jahan hai,in another word put your health first so get well soon.
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advil @advil 15 years ago More than anything else, it upsets the flow according to me when suddenly someone is introduced.If it is done when we have the top 10, then it makes perfect sense. But having it when we have almost reached the finals is something I feel is not right for either the participants or the Challenger. Actually it is the Challenger who has the maximum disadvantage since by then the remaining participants would have got seasoned in the show while the Challenger is starting from a scratch. By then even the public would have set up the respective fan bases of the top contestants and as we know how ruthless the fans can get to any threat that cmes in the way of their favorite contestant.So they will go all out to vote for their favorite and this affects the Challengers chances.
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Bhaskar @Bhaskar.T 15 years ago So next round of Nautanki comes. Problem is good singing all gets marred with these dramas something this particular production house fail to understand.
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Jasmine @Jasmine... 15 years ago stop doing dat nonsense n concentrate on singing guyz...dont be junior...let it happen..
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 15 years ago Looks like too much of drama....

Just hope to listen to some good singing!
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yipee @yipee 15 years ago sab nautanki hai...hoping for gud singing by the everyone
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