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Chajje Chajje to fall back on romance as last ditch attempt..

It is believed that too much emphasis on family drama rather romance between Ginny and Dhruv has put the show under the scanner..

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Sony Entertainment Television's Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyar is under the scanner. This Endemol produced love story of two neighbors ( Ginny and Dhruv) has been repeatedly faring badly on the TRP charts( 0.3 TVR average last week). In a last ditch attempt, well known Director /Producer Misha  Gautam has been brought in to save the show.
He says, "I am trying to bring back romance, which sadly was missing till now. Chajje Chajjie  was supposed to be a love story brewing on a Chandni Chowk terrace, but we focused  more on the family angle, which might have put off viewers.  Now I am trying to bring back the love. Followers of the show will know that Dhruv (Manish Tulsiyani) has been forced to marry Ginny's sister, Dimpy (Anjali Abrol ) but  still pines for Ginny (Shambhavi Sharma) . I will not emphasize on the drama part, but more on the mental anguish that a couple faces when a third person enters".

A source added that the creative's have been given time till July to shape up or ship out. We hear that if Chhajje does not improve in ratings, UTV's upcoming show based on Metti. Oli will get this slot. It is also rumored that the creative's/channel are not happy with the performance of Manish Tulsiyani who is unnecessarily trying to ape Ranveer Singh of Band Bajaa Baraat fame..                       

Let's wait and see if Chhajje gets lucky to live on..

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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anasuya43 9 years ago BHPH is better show than CCKP.We miss BHPH very much.Sony channel took hasty decision.
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ricflairt 9 years ago misha gautam rocks , expect the most abrupt ending ever in history of television2011-07-07 10:46:50
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mayur-maaneet 9 years ago she meant 2 b n actress???n manish...oh puhlease...just tell him...he is no where near ranveer singh!!the show was jolly well till daksh ditched dimpy!!after went for a toss...i dint hv 2 fight over the remote with my mom after that...she dint force me to watch cckp along with her...!!i cud watch any othr show at that time!!2011-06-28 04:30:45
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savan_fan 9 years ago ha ha ha, this is wot happens when u axe a show which brought u back in the fiction slot and replace it with a BBB aped show and did i just read misha gautam, then god save this show, for its sure to go to the dogs,
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sunaina02 9 years ago A show that started with so much ill-wishes can never do well . The channel should have understood that .
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artizia 9 years ago I agree with Shipra_S, and want to add few things which completely threw me off

1) dhruv-ginny love was kinda too abrupt to begin with... they didnt show signs of developing feelings... 2 din mei they sorted out their feelings, realized and blurted out?

2) without even giving a thought to strengthen their relationship, they were suddenly thinking abt marrying

3) the guy who was nikamma for everyone suddenly becomes the most suitable guy for dimpy?

4) dimpy is shown a working women and dhruv goes to college not sure studying what though(if at all ) did they even think about age difference??

5) they suddenly started showing how druv keeps dimpy happy and family started thinking they should get them married.. when they live in same house, is it necesssary for them to be married in order to keep dimpy smiling??

ever since daksh left dimpy, this show lost its logic.
And yes shambhavi doesnt know how to act

2011-06-27 23:08:31
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-Jahnvi- 9 years ago @lovepreet: Trust me, you wouldn't be the only happiest person on this earth Wink2011-06-27 21:59:37
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sonamd 9 years ago It is also rumored that the creative's/channel are not happy with the performance of Manish Tulsiyani who is unnecessarily trying to ape Ranveer Singh of Band Bajaa Baraat fame..

exactly!!!! oh! when i 1st looked at this show...the get up n everything was so similar 2 bbb...n 4 once i thought if thisguy was related 2 ranvir...dey look so strikingly similar. anyways, the title of the show and the face of the lead actors itself puts me off. when the story is good...the actors are nt happening. casting shld have been done well bf the show goes on air.2011-06-27 20:32:24
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ISano 9 years ago thye actually destroyd the show it was so good jsut before dimpy getting married to daksh.. and etc agey saab jante hain..

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Shipra_S 9 years ago just wanna say a few things-
1) The concept of the show was good but as it's already said, they gave more emphasis to family scenes than Dhruv Ginny..
2) Even if they try to improve the story,the dismal acting performances of BOTH the leads,make no effect on the story.The irony is,except the leads (Manish and Shambhavi),every other cast member is a good actor.But the same can not be said for the leads at all...
3)The makers THEMSELVES rope in Manish as a look-a-like of Ranveer and made him act like Ranveer, then who are they now to say that ''Manish is unnecessarily acting like Ranveer''?! Stern Smile
4)The success of any show depends on the acting skills of the leads and the story of the show. Unfortunately, in CCKP both are lacking.Ermm

PS : I HAVE BEEN an ardent viewer of this show once upon a time. That's why i listed the above points.
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