'Chai and Pakora' Treat from Pallavi Subhash!

A 'Pakora Feast with Chai' is all that needs to cheer the cast of Karam Apnaa Apnaa on a Wet and Soggy Day in Mumbai!! Read till your mouth waters!!!

Imagine a rainy day with the sky full of monsoon clouds doing their work while you are doing yours. Now comes at your service a cup of hot tea and with it some "Pakoras". What more can you ask for on such a day!!

This is what happened on the sets of Karam Apna Apna few days back. For two days, the whole unit was shooting non-stop. A very important episode of the serial was being shot where Shiv (Yash Tonk) was getting married to Ipsita (Shriya). In this very episode Gauri (Pallavi Subash) comes to how she was trapped into believing that she is suffering from brain tumour by none other than Ipsita herself and also Nikhila (Achint).

After such a hectic shooting, the whole unit was tired. They were all running on a very low spirit. To make things worse for them, the monsoon hit showers hit Mumbai and dampened their spirits even more. It was then that a bright idea stuck the lead protagonist of the show – Pallavi Subash. She decided to lift up the spirit of the whole unit and so got some Garma Garam Pakoras from her home. The entire unit was so excited that they all decided to take a break from the shoot and feasted on Pakoras with ofcourse hot "Chai". When we asked Yash Tonk he also confirmed that "Yes everyone enjoyed a lot that day. The whole unit feasted on Pakoras and loads of fun". So what about you Yash? Unfortunately Yash had to just stay happy with the "Chai". According to him he keeps away from all fried foods. But how come in the picture, he is opening his mouth all ready to gulp the Hot Pakora? Did he start dieting recently? Oh can't blame him,can we? It is said that nothing better than the Garma Garam Pakoras on a Wet and Soggy day…

We know all present there must have enjoyed the ‘Pakora Feast’ and would now be wishing that Pallavi made them regularly.. Now over to the ‘Recipe Queen’ Pallavi Subhash who made such mouth-watering pakoras…. Pallavi exclaims, “Yes, all had a lot of fun that day. Everyone's mood was bit down that day and to top it all, the weather made things worse. I got this idea as I felt it would be a change for all. Also I love cooking. So got the Pakoras for all and with tea accompanying it, the purpose got solved."

Who would not love such a moment – This must have been one of the memorable moments for Karam Apnaa Apnaa cast and crew and thanks to Pallavi whose Pakora and Chai idea acted as the mood enhancer for the entire unit. She is already the popular one among them all and with such gestures, its quiet obvious that she will gain more popularity.

Author: Barnali

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Pallavi Subhash

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Comments (17)

tht's so thoughtful and sweet of her......makes me wonder whether she is like gauri in her real life too....=)

16 years ago

wow shes soooooo sweeettt<33 omg aww i love her<3

16 years ago

thank U!! ... hope we get more news about the show!


16 years ago

man how nice of pallavi i wanna eat pakoras tooooo

16 years ago

awwwwww....c ma pallavi shobash is such a sweet person as well as sexy =D..man...i too want to eat her handmade pokodas!!!slurp=D

16 years ago

that was very sweet of her!!!!! after hearing about this, meri mooh mein paani aa raha hai!!!!

16 years ago

that's a nice way of turning frowns into smiles.

16 years ago

awwwwwwwww...... so sweet I love pakoras too

16 years ago

wow!..interesting..hehe..gr8 2 c an article abt kaa...thanks..

16 years ago

thanks gr8 to see there that they have fly bonding wowow
gr8 Pallavi & yash r apple of every1 eyes very happy
keep updatign us wid KAA team

16 years ago

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