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'Certain section of viewers have been hurt' - Sharad Malhotra

Sharad Malhotra admits to the fact that the track change of Amar's marriage with Gauri has flopped, as viewers are accustomed to seeing him and Divyanka together in the show...

Published: Tuesday,Dec 16, 2008 09:15 AM GMT-07:00
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Of late there have been certain rumors making rounds that Divyanka Tripathi feels insecure post the entry of Aneesha Kapoor as the third angle in her Zee TV daily, Banoo Mein Teri Dulhann.. 

Certain section of viewers have been hurt - Sharad Malhotra
But when we spoke to Sharad Malhotra, he denied any such happening. “Divyanka is a professional, why should she be insecure? We both have worked so hard for the past two years to make the show so popular!  Why should we do anything to harm our own prospects?”, he questioned.

Then why are such rumors being spread? “May be the channel or the production house wants to create some hype. I have nothing against it, but having said that, I would say any publicity is good publicity. However, I would prefer positive vibes always”, expresses Sharad.

He goes on. “One of the main reasons for this sudden urge to be in the news can be that the track change of Amar's marriage with Gauri has flopped. The audience which has seen me and Divyanka together for so long, first as Sagar and Vidya and now as Amar and Divya can’t understand how I could end up with someone else. A certain section of the viewers have been hurt.  Two of my friends have even stopped watching the show”, he added. 
“In a long winding daily, you have to go on introducing new tracks to keep the show running. Some work while others don't. Hence the correct action would be to tweak some changes, whereby we can have two parallel tracks, of mine one with Aneesha and also with Divyanka. I have even spoken to the creatives and may be something will turn up soon to restore Dulhann its lost glory”, avers the actor.

Even Aneesha has denied any problems with Divyanka.  “I hardly know them, so where is the case of problems creeping up?”, quips Aneesha. But the actress does accept that pubic does not seem to be accepting her. “I am getting lot of hate mails. I just hope that the channel does not bow down to public pressure and ease my character out. Luckily I don't see it happening so soon as the channel has a set story line. However, I would just request the audience to give Gauri a fair chance, to tell her side of the story”, concludes Aneesha.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Bhoo @canideactivate 14 years ago I hate this track it keeps AD apart. If Aneesha was in any other role besides one that kept AD apart she wouldn''t hated it''st just the character that''s stupid.
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Mistyy @Mistyy 14 years ago this is a pathetic track

need to stop ASAP!
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Benaz @Bee3nazz 14 years ago its the story gauri!!! dont get hurt aneesha but they the story has done u no favours!!! im not watching dulhan anymore because i cant stand the story and i feel let down!!!
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Rita Shah
Rita Shah @Rita Shah 14 years ago Me and my husband stopped watching this crappy show. It''s not due to any caracters. not eve gauri. it''s the sory line. It''s not reality, not something that you waste your time to watch but no meaning to it. so just stop watching the show. I still love the act of all the characters. it''s just the creatives need to get up and smell the coffee.
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Little Foot
Mandy Singh Walia @Little Foot 14 years ago It''s sad that Aneesha gets hate mails. She isn''t Gauri...she''s just playing Gauri.

Of course we all do hate Gauri.
And yeah...I think almost all viewers got hurt by this (fake or what do I know) marriage.

I want better times.
And really not a long time for Gauri telling her story. :(
That''s because Dulhann deals about AD...not Gauri!

OMG...I never said ''Gauri'' that often in one post, haha. Shame on me.
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nadia @Naddi 14 years ago i hope gauri''s trach finnishes and amar and divya can get bk together
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Hmmmmmmmmmm @49erFan 14 years ago I''ll tell u one thing, no one likes the show anymore, how could the creatives even think of doing this. I have to agree with Payal, ALL FANS ARE HURT, each and everyone! Best solution is not to watch the show anymore, I''ve stopped and maybe this will teach Zee a big lesson, u screw up once its ok, twice its not ok, third time its a strike and u''re out! Open ur eyes and see where this has taken them, even COLORS channel has taken the 2nd spot from them....leaves one thinking right!

One tries to achieve to top level, but ZEE is trying to achieve to the lowest level...bad management I tell u!
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Payal Patel @Payal25 14 years ago Well.. I wouldn''t say a lot of fans are hurt... ALL THE FANS ARE HURT. man. The whole Gauri track is illogical not to mention it stinks. Everyone hates it and well... the only reason most of us are watching this show is for Sharad and Divyanka.
But I don''t feel that Aneesha should be getting hate messages, its not her fault. Its just the character she plays. We just really want it to die off, fast. The whole show was suppost to be about Vidya/Sagar and Amar/Divya who were born to be together in all janams and then Gauri suddenly pops in. REALLY the fans really hate it. I just hope that Gauri steps away from Amar and Divyas life.

Btw Sharad it sooo sweet.
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xxMATSxx @RosyRosh 14 years ago what side of the story can guari have? !!!! argh!!! anyways.. i dont hate Aneesha!!! I hate GUARI! loool so I dont understand why people sent hate mails to the actress..its not her fault..thats the chracter she has to play! DOWN WITH GAURI! looool..and its good there is nothing wrong between SD and A..because the show needs coop to get it over this dumb hump in the show!
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etuk @etuk 14 years ago the girl appears to be stupid in real life too,imagine her hoping that the channel does not bow to the public pressure.IS IT THE PUBLIC WATCHING THE SHOW OR DOES SHE WATCH IT IF THE PUBLIC DO NOT ACCEPT HER SHE SHOULD QUIT.THE SHOW IS FOR THE PUBLIC NOT ANESHA.ZEE DO NOT ALLOW THE HARDWORK OF SHARAD AND DIVYANKA TO BE IN VAIN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT GIRL
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